Millennial Hunter with a Modern Sporting Rifle [podcast 504]

Back in 1999, the Tenth Cavalry Gun Club that I started began a series of workshops to teach subjects that today would be considered prepping.  We were preparing for Y2K at the time.  One of the lessons learned was about how to prepare your body for cold weather.  I hit on some of those points in this podcast.  You can do it even if you were not born an Eskimo.  It is like conditioning yourself for a physical activity actually.

Michael J. Woodland talks about security your firearms from children in his “Tips and Tricks” segment.

I get dramatic and use the theater of the mind to get your thinking beyond concealed carry.  Have you ever planned what to do with your family if all “hell breaks loose.”  It is more than engaging the bad guy.

What are your thoughts on this scenario?

In the news segment I share the horrific news of the the four black Chicago people that kidnapped and tortured a mentally ill white man in Chicago and to be wary of everyone that will milk this tragedy to influence, motivate or anger you into action.  America is better than this.

I got the opportunity to talk with a young hunter that used a modern sporting rifle chambered in 6.8 mm to harvest a Black tailed deer in the Pacific Northwest.  Dana M. is my guest and new friend on the Black Man With A Gun show.







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