Michael J. Woodland

Michael provides tips each week on the podcast.

Michael is the founder of M-W Tactical, LLC, a firearms instructor with over 20 years of military experience helping individuals and other business with his style of instruction to increase everyone’s since of awareness with firearms.

Some of his achievements are:

  • Master Marksmanship Training Course Instructor (Under the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit)
  • S. Army Combatives Instructor
  • USPSA competitor (United States Practical Shooting Association)
  • 2014 United States Army Long Range Championship Bolt Division Winner 1st Place


After completing 22 years of active military service, he currently resides in Columbia, SC where he still perfects the art of marksmanship. Outside of shooting and introducing the many people who seek out his knowledge with shooting, he also contributes his time with scientific studies with firearms; giving tips and opinions on the Black Man With A Gun Podcast; and also doing product reviews.



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