Learn Your History

“Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” ― Edmund Burke

One of the biggest mistakes an American in the gun community can make is to fall into the Us vs Them club. No one is able to do that without putting the other group down in order to raise up the one you are a part of up. Racism, division and negativity live there. As passionate people it will happen.

Americans are free because of people that have fought for it. It is weak when someone who has not contributed uses it for their benefit. There are many well connected people that like the confusion, and negative images people that are not together display. It proves their points and hurts us all.

When it comes to guns and people of color there is a history. Gun-control has always been about power, not stopping crime, not protecting children, not suicide prevention — just control. 

How Much Do You Know About:

Nat Turner’s rebellion 
Harpers Ferry
South Carolina up rising
the Tulsa riots
The Republican Party
The Black Codes
The Great Depression 
The Great Migration
World Wars, “555”
The Sullivan Act 
Civil Rights (past the history of MLK)
Assassinations of Presidents, and leaders (during the 60’s)
The Black Panther Party of Self Defense and Justice 
Students for Nonviolence (SNCC)
Bloody Sunday
the Nation of Islam 
Kent state
Gun control Act of 1968

Times sure look familiar, we were expressing ourselves and our new found freedom like we are back in the sixties.

King Solomon said “There’s nothing new under the sun,”

Joining pro gun but anti-American organizations based on us versus them is taking us backwards. It’s immature. It can get you into legal trouble. It can jeopardize your future (career, job opportunities, etc) even if you wear a mask, sunglasses and a hood on Facebook.

Us versus them is a loser 

Sometimes we want it both ways.  We want respect but don’t show it.  We think that the only way to stand is on the back of someone else. 

We don’t realize that a candle does not lose any light lighting another candle

Unfortunately, prejudice is learned. Stop teaching it. Prejudices in this subtle form are dangerous because if people are not aware of it and if steps are not taken to correct it, it can lead to straight up hate and discrimination for the next generation.

A child is born with no state of mind, blind to ways of mankind

On the video attached to this transcript, I have five points, and then I am through: 

1. I have found out that America is the best nation in the world 
2. You can’t judge people by the color of their skin 
3. Two wrongs don’t make a right 
4. It takes two idiots to fight
5. Anyone that will give you a gun is family; anyone trying to take one from you is your enemy

First point greatest country we have so much freedom it allows us to self-destruct. Learn your rights. Exercise your rights. Respect your neighbor. Follow the Golden Rule’s. Protect your freedom. Learn, Earn and don’t burn.

America has not got over the color issue most because some people wont let anybody forget it.  I know racism exists. It’s everywhere but again, two wrongs don’t make a right.
Everybody and especially the people in the gun community know the racist roots of gun control; the Redneck, the Prepper, and the folks at the gun show probably are more civil minded than your momma.  By the way you act on Facebook they know more black history than you do, so stop bullying. If you truly learned your history, you would understand that we are stronger together than apart.

John Brown hung for helping slaves revolt. There are a lot of abolitionist that didn’t get the Medal of Honor or the Purple Heart for their contributions. If it weren’t for some good white people, we would still be enslaved.  We can’t even agree on freedom.  Sister Harriet Tubman had to pull a gun on people to get them to run to it. Some like being miserable.  

This reminds me of the fight between Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. We are right back there again. Those shouting the loudest are getting a lot of attention but not helping our community. While a closed mouth doesn’t get fed, you don’t want to be fed a spoonful of BS either.  I am saying what I am saying to protect you. Heed or not, your choice.

We have new black gun clubs, YAY; I support that. It feels great to not feel like the odd duck and to have folks around you that relate but we wary of the ones that could jeopardize your future. Perception is reality to some folks. Some groups are appearing to be as a racist as the Klan.

Personal note: I know some of the people in these groups wish they were in the military but stop with the paramilitary gear please.  You look foolish.

This is 2016. We have more information available to us than anytime ever in history. There’s no excuse for not knowing the truth. No excuse for stupidity. There is no excuse for ignorance, and there is no excuse for racism.

One nation under God, indivisible with liberty, and justice for all 

This is a Republic, if we can keep it. 

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5 thoughts on “Learn Your History”

  1. I’ve been listening to your podcast for awhile and I respect what your efforts of bringing more black folks into the gun community but I have to respectfully disagree with you on one point. I was with you until about 4:15 seconds into the video and I must say I was disappointed in hearing what you said. America still has a color issue not because black people keep bringing it up but because America has never really held itself fully accountable for it. If you know your history and know about Jim Crow, red lining, police brutality, etc. then you must also know that many of these injustices have never been atoned for. Many of the people that perpetrated such injustices are still alive today just like many of its victims and most of the perpetrators have never faced any sort of repercussions such as prosecution, jail time, or fines. We still have a justice system that deals out harsher sentences for black people than white people for the same crimes. We still have a country that looks at black drug users as criminals and white drug users as patients. We have schools that suspend black children for wearing natural hairstyles such as dreadlocks or afro puffs. We have banks that give more favorable loan terms white people than black people with the same creditworthiness. We have entire state school systems that approve of K-12 history books that describe slaves as “workers” brought to America to help farm agriculture. Maybe one can argue that such a statement is true in the technical since but it really doesn’t capture the essence of the position our ancestors were really in: work without wages and human dignity or die. I can’t forget the past all while such things are happening in the present. Even if I could tolerate this for my own life there is no way I could tolerate it for the lives of my future children and grandchildren. Remembering past injustices and speaking out against current ones does not perpetuate racism. Racism perpetuates racism.

  2. Kenn:
    Great essay on a timely topic that needs all hands on deck, thank you. History is something far too few of us refer to on a daily basis. It is when we park it on a dusty shelf or treat it like a long ago school lesson that we repeat mistakes our grandparents learned the hard way so we don’t have to. History is the Great Mentor for all people, forever. Our job is to thirst for its wisdom.
    I hear you too. I’m a mix of bloods and have experienced racism from people of several races, not just white. I learned long ago that wishing for or expecting reparations or shows of accountability is futile. Some now alive who are totally innocent feel unnaturally guilty and practice racism against themselves. What does that solve? It dredges up old injuries and insults, refreshed with outrage and martyrdom, which take yet another generation to let cool. I used to suggest we live in a state of forgiveness for our own sake, so we can stop wasting precious time, join in endeavors that improve not just us but everything. But, as I keep seeing, such as in your comment and in those of the Angry Young Black and Brown Men on social media, that is not likely to happen in my lifetime.
    Hate breeds racism. I blame your race for a harm done upon me based on my race by you or yours, therefore you suck. Forever and ever, amen.
    Racism is a grudge poorly justified, held onto far too long, taught to our kids. Racists come in all colors. I Am Better Than You-ism will never end in humans.
    My only true disagreement with you is the assertion that “we have a country that looks at” white drug addicts as patients but black drug addicts as criminals. Fully disagree. You can’t speak for the country or me. Time to extend the benefit of the doubt more often than not. Yes, some racists from our grandparent’s time are not giving up anything to anyone, and no one can make them. Don’t put their faces on others. Refusing to let go of the past–not the same as forgetting–is to raise a new generation of grudge holders. People who will resent and distrust first, based purely on: race.
    Sadly, slavery still exists. Even in America; by pimps selling prostitutes and sweat shops, owned by legal or illegal immigrants who enslave non-English speaking, low skilled illegal immigrants. (Nevermind the women, boys and girls of all colors sold/stolen into sex slavery around the world. I haven’t built an underground railroad to help them, have you?)
    At least in America, we officially protect everyone’s natural right to free themselves. It’s up to them if they use their rights. Teaching them their rights, all of them, and *how to tell when to exercise them, and to what extent,* is our solemn duty and our greatest gift. That is what will spare our children the injustices of their time. Let’s not saddle them with extracting mea culpas and penance for the grievances and sufferings of our distant past or unhappy present. They’ll be quite busy as it is.
    Don’t ever forget. But forgiveness is long over-due for, and by, us all.
    Buena suerte y saludes.

  3. Kenn, I was thanking you: for your blog and I was replying in the main to: AlteredBeast. Sorry for any confusion.

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