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One of my passions is to go fishing in the Chesapeake Bay, the Patuxent River and the tributaries that lead to the bay from southern Maryland or Virginia.  I fish on a chartered boat with a long time friend that has been going through some rough times after his retirement.  The guy is hilarious and knows the “hot spots”  for fishing better than any other captain I know.  He has spoiled me, and I won’t go out with anyone else.  Going to book some exclusive dates with him this season.  I’ll be making reservations, soon for our day trips, starting 5:30am- 3pm  and the evening trips 2PM till 9PM during the summer.
You’ll need a boat rod and reel (usually under 7’ open face) 10-12lb test, at least 60 ft, but the captain has extras for free if you don’t have the right one yet.  Make sure you bring a cooler with ice, for your catch, (32-48 qt is ideal), dress appropriately, and bring snacks and beverages for yourself.
We fish for Spot, Croaker, Trout, Perch, and do get the occasional Flounder, Rock (Striped Bass), Ling, Mackerel, or whatever bounty the Lord provides that day/night.
Cost $100 and includes bait, and replacement hooks, sinkers, rigs on occasion.  The space is limited (and I am not just saying that) and restrictions apply.  This is not a party boat where the more the merrier.  Only six fisherman at a time so that you get adequate room, to relax and fish without worry.
If you are interested and being on the list of people I call to go fishing with me once a month June –September email me with your name, address and telephone number.

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