Black Man With A Gun Podcast Episode 405 


This week on the podcast, my featured guest is the one and only Rick Ector of Legally Armed in Detroit, and Ricks Firearms Academy of Detroit.  He is a long time friend and colleague that has been providing firearm training to law-abiding citizens with NRA approved one-day gun safety training classes.  He helps people get their state of Michigan CCW/CPL Permits.   He is a open carry proponent and great gun rights activist that has been exceptionally well received for his work in helping us all.


Rick reminded me that this show over the years has been eclectic and entertaining to many.  I have had the pleasure of having a number of personalities and guest on the show.  Some have been fictitious like Clip, the stumbling country bumkin that I met on the set of the Oprah Show (not really), the Arab comedian Ali, my singing alter ego, Bones Hooks, and Mrs. M (Marapadopolos), the Greek grandmother that shares her love toward active duty military and vets.  

She’s on this week to remind us of the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, has a book recommendation:  Alamo in the Ardennes , and sings “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” to the troops.

Alamo of the Ardeens









Five Favorite Things

This week I went to OnTarget Shooting Range and store in Odenton, Maryland to see friends and make sure at least one indoor shooting spot in Maryland that is still operational. On Target has been around for two decades and is the range and source of the firearms used in my first book, Black Man With A Gun. The managers are good people. Next time you are near the front gate of Ft. Meade Army base off Annapolis Rd. or in the Severn Square shopping center stop in and tell them you heard about them from me.

Ruger 10/22 Take down rifle 

Ruger GP 100


TNW ASR  Carbine


Family News:

Congratulations to Rob Pincus on his recent wedding and discovery that he and his new bride are also expecting a child. 

 Praying from Bob Mayne.


Had some rookie issues with new software and a new computer I used for this podcast.  SORRY about that chief!


 And Bones Hooks sings something I never thought he would.


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happy hanukkah




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2 thoughts on “Interview with Rick Ector”

  1. I’m a new listener and appreciate your strong stance for law abiding citizens and standing up for truth regardless of people’s opinions. Truth trumps opinion. As a long time self defense instructor, former martial artist of 26 years and former Police officer. I am appreciative of the fact of giving people the perspective of engagement with an individual from the law enforcement officer’s perspective. It would be great to see individuals like you, Instructor Zero, Rob Pincus, Tony Blauer or Massad Ayoob on MSNBC, CNN, Newsmax tv and Fox news more often. Thank you for everything and may the Lord bless you and your family.

  2. Great interview with Mr. Ector.

    On he pistol caliber carbine stuff, I’ll skip the usual stuff about having a pistol and rifle using the same ammo and mags. Everybody says that stuff.

    The things I like about having a pistol caliber long arm are that straight walled pistol rounds are easier to reload for and that I’ve been to several indoor ranges where they wouldn’t allow .223, but they had no problems with 9mm or .40 S&W carbines. I looked at the range rules for On Target and I couldn’t find anything about caliber restrictions, so it may not apply there.

    Oh, and 9 is usually cheaper than .223/5.56.

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