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I’m A Feminist

The single most effective tool for empowering women against violence is the gun…that’s a fact. And no one who would disarm women can claim to be a feminist. To highlight some notable ladies from the world of shooting sports and gun rights advocacy, I had started posting some videos to my Facebook page for #InternationalWomensDay …but there were so many, I decided to post something of a compendium here. Take a look at some of these:

Julie Golob: Army veteran, mom, hunter, and winner of multiple pro shooting championships…

Il Ling New: Hunter and Gunsite Academy Rangemaster…

Sandy Froman: Hunter, shooter, and former NRA President…

Gabby Franco-Piper: Olympic shooter, Top Shot competitor, pro shooter, and 2nd Amendment advocate…

Kim Rhode: One of the winningest Olympians of all time, in any sport…

Kimberly Corban: A powerful voice for the 2nd Amendment…

Antonia Okafor: Advocate for campus 2nd Amendment rights…

Katie Pavlich: Townhall.com editor, author, and Gunsite Academy graduate…


I could go on, because believe me, there are plenty of inspiring ladies in the gun world. In fact, I feel a little guilty for all of the amazing women I’ve left out. This is only the tiniest sample of the many, many women having a positive impact on the gun community and the fight to preserve gun rights, and I admire them all.



Featured image at the top of the page provided courtesy of Oleg Volk.


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2 thoughts on “I’m A Feminist

  1. Rob Morse says:

    I’ve one criticism. Please go on. Please go on every month, not once a year on “international womans day”.

    1. you have a way with words.

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