Lesson learned: Never underestimate the hypocrisy of an anti-gun rights bigot.

Literally minutes after I finished writing my previous post, I decided to read up a little more on Mr. D. Watkins. Sorting through his previous writings at Salon.com, I came upon a wonderful essay from last July entitled, “Gunplay Is All I Know.”  (Though in the photo, it appears he knows little of gun safety.)

D. Watkins (photo credit Heezy Bear)

I encourage you to read the article in full, so that you can get a true appreciation for the supernova of hypocrisy that is D. Watkins. I’ll just give you a couple of bullet points…er, highlights.

First of all, if Watkins’ tale is to believed, he is a criminal. In the article, he admits to owning two firearms, despite stating that he lives in Baltimore, Maryland, under some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation:

“I’m not a gangster and could not care less about weapon shows or trips to a shooting range, but I have two guns.”

Nowhere in the article does he mention obtaining the state-mandated permit to purchase his handguns. That’s a crime. He also does not mention registering the guns with the state…that’s another crime. I saw nothing about his obtaining a license to own a handgun, as Maryland requires. Crime. And he also doesn’t mention getting a permit to carry, although to be fair, he does not specifically say that he carries his guns outside his home. But it is apparent that Watkins’ gun ownership is illegal and he knows it, as the article’s subtitle reads, “I’d rather be caught with a gun than without one.”

But he also explains in the article how he, as a 14-year old, he “went to Fat Hands and Naked’s crib with $300 and came out with a two-toned .45 that had a cracked safety.” He later describes carrying that gun on pretty much a daily basis. Now, I don’t know the history of Maryland’s gun laws, or when specific statutes were enacted, but I feel pretty safe assuming that when Watkins was 14, it was illegal to sell a handgun to a minor, and illegal for a minor to possess and carry one. That’s at least a couple more crimes.

And while it may have been legal at the time, I do know that currently Maryland requires that all handgun sales must go through a licensed firearms dealer. I suppose “Fat Hands” and “Naked” may have been FFL holders, but Watkins isn’t really clear about that. If they are, I suppose the BATFE might want to check into them selling pistols to 14-year olds. Just sayin’…

But by now, where I was wrong in my previous post should be clear. I apologize to Mr. Watkins for accusing him of hiring out his gunplay…clearly he does not. Hey, when I’m wrong, I’m wrong. My bad, D.

As it turns out, he understands very well why an individual citizen might want to exercise the right to keep and bear arms, and does so himself (albeit illegally). He just thinks you should take a bullet before exercising that same right (legally). One last note about Watkins’ article…nowhere does he describe doing the same thing himself.

So I guess that while he may provide his own protection, he’s still a hypocrite.


— Dave Cole

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3 thoughts on “I Was Wrong”

  1. I am a gun owner and I love my firearms because I use them for sport and I have the peace of mind that if anyone trespasses my house or property that I would be able to defend them with it. But it never entered my head to be arrogant about it, to walk around with it and tout it around like a kid with a toy gun. We should all be responsible gun owners and as much as possible be discreet about it.

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