I am a law abiding citizen, and I own an AR-15.

I am not a murderer, rapist, thief, or drug dealer.

I am a military veteran, a former police officer, and a former SWAT officer.

I passed several professional firearms training classes, and am a certified firearms instructor myself.

I passed state and federal background checks for each firearm I purchased.  I was investigated again when I applied for and received my concealed carry permit. My state even automatically runs me through a FBI background check every 28 days, simply because I have a concealed carry permit. As such, I am background checked a minimum of 12 times per year.

I have never had my concealed carry license suspended or revoked.

I have never intentionally harmed another peaceable human being, nor will I.

Despite all of this, there are those who would have me turn in my AR-15.  They would do this because another person with a heart full of hate used a similar rifle to murder. I have harmed no one, and my rifle has never drawn blood. But they would strip me of my liberty to own that rifle.

To deny me the exercise of a civil right for the crimes of another is unjust. The thought of it should be as repulsive as suggesting that we incarcerate all blacks simply because that group commits the most violent crime. It would certainly reduce violent crime, but at the cost of the liberty of the innocent.

I am innocent.












I am innocent.












I am innocent.










I am innocent.










I am innocent.












I am innocent.











I am innocent.









I am innocent.












We are innocent.


All images generously shared by Oleg Volk.

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4 thoughts on “I Am Innocent”

  1. This would be alot more powerful if you had a photo of at least ONE African American….. you know, they do own ARs as well.

  2. Actually, you are not “innocent.” As Joe Manchin has stated, “due process is killing us.”

    Everybody is guilty if something, citizen! Even if we can’t prove it or even know what it is! Far far better that we turn every formerly law abiding citizen into a criminal. After all, if it saves even one life…

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