How to Subscribe to the Black Man with A Gun Podcast

One of the best ways you can listen to the podcast is through the free app we have. Using apps on your smartphone makes it easy to listen. If you get the app, the latest episode of the show is automatically sent when it comes out. To get the podcast delivered automatically to you in other ways, you have to subscribe.

You do that by going to the Apple podcast area (formerly known as iTunes) or Google Play for Android and finding the Black Man With A Gun title and “clicking” on the subscribe button. What happens is the RSS code of the show is read by the feed reader that allows it to be played, like “OverCast, “ “CastBox,” “Castro,” Tune-In, Spotify, etc.


The Black Man With A Gun app was developed by a friend especially for our community. The app connects you with Kenn Blanchard and all his social media outlets as well as a way to contact him directly. The Android option was just recently added for you on GooglePlay.

The Black Man With A Gun Show which began in November 2007 started off as the Urban Shooter Podcast. The show has changed many times over the decade and has allowed the host to experiment, grow and create a weekly show that has allowed him to grow as a person.

Podcasting has helped him conquer his fears of stuttering, speaking about certain subjects and even singing.




Here are the past three episodes.

Episode 548

Episode 547

Episode 546

Get the podcast delivered directly to your phone on the Black Man With A Gun App. It’s free and you can follow Kenn Blanchard on social media with it.

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