How Rick Ector Trained Almost 600 Women in One Day [Podcast 525]

On Sunday, May 21, Rick Ector, NRA training counselor, firearm instructor, gun rights activist and founder of  Legally Armed in Detroit (LAID) organized an event that trained nearly 600 women how to safely operate a semi-automatic pistol. In this episode he shares the details on how he successfully did it. He didn’t do it alone. Its all about relationships.  It is  like that cult book, The Secret.

New  contributor, firearm instructor and friend  Marchelle “Tig” Tigner gives her thoughts on security for your home during the summer.  It is really good.  You have to check out this episode.  Tig’s base is in Georgia.

Big Michael J. Woodland gives us a training tip on h ow to work through the “Flinch” and shoot better.  Michael trains our of South Carolina.


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One thought on “How Rick Ector Trained Almost 600 Women in One Day [Podcast 525]”

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