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How Rev. Dr. Martin L. King, Jr influenced My Life [Podcast 505]

This week on episode 505, I decided to change the opening a little with some new music. It is a New Year, and all. I remember how Rev. Dr. MLK, affected my life. Mike talks about the firearms he is eyeing, and big guns and big fun from David Cole.













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2 thoughts on “How Rev. Dr. Martin L. King, Jr influenced My Life [Podcast 505]

  1. Joyce Jenkin says:

    I love your podcast…but this podcast was the most amazing one ever! Thank you! It brought me to tears. So few people seem to remember what it was like during the civil rights era ..it wasn’t a movement…it was a war. We have come so far and yet sometimes it feels like people have forgotten so much. Thanks for reminding us and an amazing show and keep up your work, it is so important. God bless…Joyce Jenkin Pennsylvania

    1. appreciate the post, JJ. Thank you.

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