How Does A Black Man Not Get Shot By The Police [Podcast 528]

Mature audience warning.

When I started this blog in 1999 it was cutting edge. I took some risk. I have failed more often than succeeded. I was once considered controversial, and radical, even revolutionary. Don’t think those adjectives apply now. Today I am older guy true to myself, comfortable in my understanding of people, and systems.

Been there, done that, bought/sold the hat, T-shirt and coffee mug.

In this episode I took the Old Man Privilege to share perspectives, wisdom and opinion in hopes that some of it didn’t fall on deaf ears. I realize my opinions only matter to me. It was risky to speak against ideas, and others perceptions of reality. But if I can help one person, then my rant was not in vain. If I can convince one person that we haven’t lost it as a nation. If I can give hope to someone that everything you read and hear isn’t truth. If I can persuade one person that what they are doing has no end game, then maybe it wasn’t a washout.

We live in troubled times. We have enough to worry about without having to defend ourselves from “friends.” But maybe some folks “just like to see the world burn.”

If you don’t have solutions, please shut up.

One this episode I call on a friend that has accomplished a lot as a firearms and self-defense instructor, Mas Ayoob to share inside information on three controversial court cases.

Trayvon Martin
Michael Brown
Philando Castile

Losing a case has little  to do with right and wrong.  It’s what the charges are and how the attorneys prove or fail to prove their cases.   None of these guys should have died.  But LEOs and citizens keep making the same mistakes.

I asked Mas to enlighten us  He has taught police techniques and civilian self-defense to both law enforcement officers and private citizens in numerous venues since 1974. He was the director of the Lethal Force Institute (LFI) in Concord, New Hampshire from 1981 to 2009, and now directs the

Ayoob has appeared as an expert witness in several trials. Ayoob has authored several books and more than 1,000 articles on firearms, combat techniques, self-defense, and legal issues, and has served in an editorial capacity for Guns Magazine, American Handgunner, Gun Week, Guns & Ammo and Combat Handguns. Since 1995, he has written self-defense and firearms related articles for Backwoods Home Magazine. He also has a featured segment on the television show Personal Defense TV, which aired on the Sportsman Channel in the US.

While Ayoob has been in the courtroom as a testifying police officer, expert witness, and police prosecutor, he is not an attorney; he is, however, a former Vice Chairman of the Forensic Evidence Committee of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL), and is believed to be the only non-attorney ever to hold this position.

Mas provides some suggestions on how to respond to a traffic stop.


I know these and cases still coming up are horrendous and prove how far we need to still go as a Nation.   I also identify our weaknesses:

1. Exploitation of our pain, fears and past
2. Our love of fighting
3. Immaturity

“If can’t say Amen,  say ouch”

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Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.



Please pray for our communities.  Continue to train.  We can only survive if we communicate.  Hate never helped a damn thing.










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