Gun Rights Are Civil Rights

Unless you’ve been on a desert island for the last couple of weeks, you are probably aware of the controversial topic of transgender bathroom rights. Part of the controversy has been the response of various celebrities, most notably the cancellation of a concert in North Carolina by Bruce Springsteen.

But let’s take a look at Springsteen’s statement on the topic, and change a few words:

Just as important, the law also attacks the rights of LGBT law abiding citizens to sue when their human rights are violated in the workplace keep and bear arms. No other group of North Carolinians faces such a burden. To my mind, it’s an attempt by people who cannot stand the progress our country has made in recognizing the human rights of all of our citizens to overturn that progress. Right now, there are many groups, businesses, and individuals in North Carolina working to oppose and overcome these negative developments. Taking all of this into account, I feel that this is a time for me and the band to show solidarity for those freedom fighters.

As a result, and with deepest apologies to our dedicated fans in Greensboro, we have canceled our show scheduled for Sunday, April 10th decided to cancel all shows in Illinois, New Jersey, California, Maryland, New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. We will also no longer perform in Australia, the U.K., France, Japan…well, pretty much anywhere outside the United States. Some things are more important than a rock show and this fight against prejudice and bigotry — which is happening as I write — is one of them. It is the strongest means I have for raising my voice in opposition to those who continue to push us backwards instead of forwards.

So that’s what it would sound like if celebrities respected the right to keep and bear arms as the constitutionally protected, Supreme Court affirmed civil right that it is.

“Let’s hear it for the 2nd Amendment! Let’s see all my NRA members!”

Dream on. The reality is that we don’t…and probably won’t…see boycotts by big shots (pun intended) of places which continue to infringe upon the civil right of a law abiding human being to possess and carry the best implement for self defense and to resist tyranny. At least not until they begin to recognize the truth…that gun rights are civil rights.

— Dave Cole

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