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I have the privilege of being a guest of three podcast this week.  I don’t think that happens often unless you are a rock star.

Podcasting is where regular folks create their own radio shows and upload onto the Internet for the world to listen.  What makes it different is that it can be available to anyone, anywhere, and at anytime.  You can download and listen to your show, on your Smartphone, computer or MP3 playing device.  Some new cars even have it installed now.  It is a high tech version of “Speakers Corner” in London’s’ Hyde Park or grabbing a soap box in a crowded place.  For some people in the gun community having a podcast is an opportunity to share knowledge, passions and news.  For others it is to entertain.  The gun community is a niche within the American population and is perfect for new media.  Using technology, activist, hobbyist, writers and enthusiast can share information without the bias of the mainstreams fear or hatred of guns. 

Smart companies can gain a loyal following and specifically market to customers that will buy from this new age word of mouth.  Unlike traditional radio, where the numbers of listeners is speculated but believed, podcasters can count the subscribers and downloads of each episode.  Marketing-wise fans of podcasts are communities, yet untapped by many.  These shows are time shifted meaning advertising spoken in December 2013 can be heard in December 2014 if a new listener to the show downloads a previous episode, and the podcaster keeps it available.  The value has not been realized yet by most companies or they would be throwing money at the feet of some of these host that have 5000 rabid fans.  It might just be too early but it’s coming. 

This week I can be heard in a candid interview with instructor and entrepreneur, Nikki Turpeaux on her show the “Firearms Insider.” Episode 6

I did a cameo and will be a part of a Christmas show on Paul Lathrops’ Politics & Guns Podcast episode 192 with Rob Morse.

  Episode 192 – Rick Ector.webloc

And I stayed up late and learned a lot from a group of podcasters on “We Like Shooting Podcast.”

There are probably 50 indie podcasters out there that I know of and an about five that are syndicated radio shows that also share their content as podcast. 

My show, the Black Man With A Gun Show is in its 7th year and has had over a million downloads and has been heard in over 130 countries.  It is one of the three shows that I produce under the banner.



Rev. Kenn Blanchard, internet radio broadcaster, online advertiser, veteran, concealed carry activist and harley davidson motorcycle enthusiast shares whats on the minds of hunters and concealed carry permit holders.


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