This week in gun laws we will be looking at Michigan. Michigan is tighter on gun laws than some of the previous states have tackled but still the laws in Michigan are overall conductive to fairly straightforward and easy firearm possession. This article will heavily deal with restrictions and requirements for secure weapon storage as Michigan has special laws requiring locking devices to be included in any licensed dealer sale. If you believe you already have a secure locking device or storage you can contact a specialized locksmith to see if your container or device already fits this requirement.unknown

It is important to not that while it is required you prove you have a locking or storage device it is not written into law that you are required to use it. Since there are child access prevention laws however using one may save you from penalization or criminal liability. To see these laws, look to Mich. Comp. Laws Serv. 752.861. It’s not only children you have to watch your firearm around though, Michigan also prohibits another person using your firearm to damage another person’s personal property under 752.862.


Handgun Laws

Gun laws in Michigan revolve mostly around handguns. There are no permits or registration needed to purchase or carry rifles or shotguns. However handguns require a number of steps to possess legally. If you are purchasing a handgun from a private individual you will have to first go to your local Sheriff or chief of police and purchase a license allowing you to buy the handgun. If you are buying a handgun from a Federal Firearm Dealer no license to purchase is required.


After you purchase the handgun, no matter in what manner or who you bought it from, you must present the handgun purchase to either the chief of police or county Sheriff, depending on where you reside. The laws that detail the steps in the process of declaring purchase are detailed in Michigan Comp. Laws Serv. 28.422pistolboxclosedonewr-2

Concealed Carry

Michigan is an open-carry shall-issue state meaning that it is relatively easy to get a concealed carry permit. In 2015 Michigan passed a law eliminating concealed licensing boards. Instead. concealed carry permits are processed through county clerks. The permit still requires a background check to be done and a lengthy list of criteria including a certified handgun safety training course. The details of these law can be found in Mich. Comp. Laws Serv. 28.425.


Other Notes

As a side note, generally, concealed carry permits from other states are recognized in Michigan. A concealed carry permit is not required in a number of circumstances, which can be found in Mich. Comp. Laws Serv. 750.231a.


For rifles and shotguns Michigan law requires they be unloaded and either be broken down, in a case or in the trunk of the vehicle or otherwise inaccessible from the interior of the vehicle.


This article is part of a weekly series overviewing basic gun laws in different States. Like all laws these are subject to change. There may also be county and city laws not covered in this article that change your ability to carry, transport and otherwise possess your firearm.






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