I am against putting bumper stickers on your car but I made these to put somewhere.  Hopefull they make people think.  Maybe I am getting cranky, or just tired of defending what makes common sense to me.  I am a good guy.  I love my family and my life.  I want to protect them both.

It scares people that are ignorant of the fact that gun ownership in the US was illegal for slaves and freed blacks long after the Civil War. It scares people that think you must be a criminal to want a gun. It scares people that think that guns are capable of firing by themselves. It scares people that don’t know that because the gun laws are based on racism, families have perpetuated a self-imposed ban on guns to keep their kin from ending up as “strange fruit hanging from the Poplar tree, “ work camps, or beaten by a mob.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said in his “Dream” speech that he wanted his children to live in a nation where they “would be judged on the content of their character instead of the color of their skin.” That was a beautiful speech but rarely do we get that far. Science fiction gives us visions of worlds where species live together often to fight a common foe. We haven’t got there yet.

Technically, we form opinions of people in the first few minutes of meeting them. That encounter is not always accurate but occurs so often we forgive ourselves for being wrong for as many times as we are.  I wonder what you think after you see these bumper stickers.  Too radical?


Let me know what you think.



Gun Control doesn't work

Gun Control:  When you blame the gun

Gun Control: when you blame the old white guy

Gun Control:  When you blame the white guy and take the gun from the black guy



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2 thoughts on “Gun Control Fails”

  1. I like it!  Especially the first one…  Make and I’ll buy one to proudly display as I drive through the People’s Republic of Maryland every day from Pennsylvania, leaving my guns behind since my carry permit doesn’t count there!

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