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Black Man With A Gun Show episode 370


This week  I introduce to some and present to others the past, present and future of the gun community.

There is more to us than fighting against the stupidity that is called gun control. We are now bloggers, podcasters, trainers, and YouTube producers, and hybrids of them all. There are so many of us now that we outnumber the outdoor writers and journalist that now have to compete with a “30 something” new media mogul that has more “eyeballs” than they do after 30 years of climbing the corporate ladder. It isn’t fair, I know.

Today, I am the middle-aged black guy that sees and appreciates both sides. I am the guy that has been in this space as a professional firearms instructor since 1986 and has lived long enough to see the end of “skinny ties” and now their return. And of course everything gun related in between.


Firearms Training

As I watch our community grow and some of the older Jedi’s fade from view, I noticed that firearms has changed a little today and let you know that defensive firearms training didn’t just start last week either. Before everything was tactical, or made for “operators,” or all the hot shots wore beards; there were instructors, almost all of them were former US Marines and law enforcement. And these guys paved the way.

To introduce some of these old Jedi’s I have Massad Ayoob as my guest this week. And we talk about the history of private defensive shooting training, and the people that influenced him. Also I ask for his thoughts on active shooting, and home invasion training today. He gives some advice on responding to an “active shooter,” if you are armed during a “situation” in public.

Here are some of the greats from our past.

1. Ray Chapman
2. Jeff Cooper
3. Chuck Taylor
4. Bill Jordan
5. Clint Smith
6. Jim Cirillo
7. John S. Farnham


I have made some lists, but there are so many of us that I have missed some of you. If you are on it, I hope it helps others find you by my collection. Below are a few You Tubers, thanks to Destinee, of Fate of Destinee .  Some gun blogs I am aware of and the top ranking gun blogs on the net according to Some weren’t even on my list till I did the research.






Fate of Destinee 

Hank Strange



  1. Gun Nuts Radio
  2. Michael Bane’s Down Range Radio
  3. Handgun Podcast
  4. Handgun World Show
  5. Gun Nation
  6. Gun Talk
  7. Reloadingradio
  8. Polite Society Podcast
  9. Firearmsradio.Tv
  10. Truthaboutguns.Com
  11. Carrie Zilkas Podcast
  12. Gunrightsradio.Com
  13. Lock N Load Radio with Bill Frady PodcastPodcast
  14. Armedcitizenpodcast
  15. Firearmscafe
  16. Gundudes
  17. Gunfightercast
  18. Proarms
  19. Personal Armament
  20. Three Sports Guns
  21. The Action Shooting Podcast
  22. Kate Kreuger Talking Guns
  23. The Gun Show Radio
  24. NYC Guns Radio
  25. Gun For Hire Radio
  26. Student Of The Gun
  27. Ak47 Guru Podcast
  28. I Hate Guns Podcast
  29. Triangle Tactical
  30. The Gun Runner Podcast


The Top Rated Gun Blogs On The Web. (According to rankings)

  3. View From The Porch
  4. CAS City
  6. SayUncle
  7. The Down Range TV Blog
  8. John Lotts Website
  9. Gun Nuts Media
  10. GunsHolstersAndGear
  11. NRA Blog
  12. The Smallest Minority
  13. AlpheccaBlogs
  14. NFA Gun Trust Lawyer Blog
  15. Hell in a Handbasket
  16. The Michael Bane Blog
  17. The Blind Squirrel
  18. walls of the city
  19. GunPundit
  20. Advanced Armament Corp.
  21. InJennifersHead
  22. Traction Control
  23. The Next Chapter
  24. Be A Survivor
  25. Mr. Completely



I love the people in this community.

As I get my mind rapped around packing for my next trip to go to the NRA Annual Meeting, it’s like a family reunion to me. I am going to meet everyone of the bloggers, podcasters and YouTube folks on my list. I know some folks go to see and handle the latest firearms and talk to manufactures but its homecoming for me. I am going to be the pastor of patriots. I am going to encourage the ones that sacrificed time and money to meet up with folks just like me.

It’s so American, it will give you goosebumps.

 Had a good article written about me from Raquel O of Human Events Raquel is hard working sister that is doing great things.  


In Memory of Patricia Tartaro and Barry Elliott who passed away this week. 



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  1. Hello Ken,
    I recently heard about you and I bought your book on amazon. I am fairly new to this. I am training and learning. I enjoyed the podcast.
    Take care,

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