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When I first set my up my website back in 1999, I didn’t know much about “html” or “flash” so I asked a friend that was a wiz at technology back then and responsible for some high tech surveillance stuff used by the US government.  He recommended a friend that had just started a web design business.  It was the rave back then.  This was the days when we still used BBS or bulletin boards, modem speeds were limited to how much money you had to get a spare phone line or sacrifice with your family for talking time.  We bragged about faster modems, and most folks had AOL and Compuserve accounts.  The elite had Prodigy or Earthlink.  It was the best of times.  Do remember Baud modems?


Things like search engine optimization (SEO), page rankings and even Google didn’t really exist in our consciousness like it does now.  As  a gun rights guy, I was light years ahead of even the National Rifle Association whom I did volunteer work for when they needed me to testify for the right to keep and bear arms somewhere or concealed carry reform.  I have since learned that being first is akin to being a mountain man, its after the cities are built that success is recorded.


Since then I have been caught up to and passed by more savvy writers, and influencers in this space.  I am not the first “black man with a gun,” but I am the first with a web presence.

When I first got started in the gun rights movement, I quickly learned I was not alone.

The first black NRA member on the board of Directors I met was Roy Innis from New York City.  When I tried to get a grant from the NRA, I used a template from a guy by the name of Aquil Qadir of the Dorie Miller Rod and Pistol Club *.  (I didn’t get the grant.)  This group gave me impetus to start the Tenth Cavalry Gun Club in 1992 that still exist in a better fashion in Baltimore.  The founders are the ones featured in the picture with Wayne LaPierre.

That is about all I can claim online.  I didn’t didn’t see where this was all going by the time weblogs became blogs.  I am not mad about it though.  I am still a part of the community.  I have made great contributions for the rights of the free.  I lost my (.COM) URL for awhile and had to get a (.net) account.  I toyed with the name “Urban Shooter” and rolled with it for sometime before losing it to a Czech porn king that uses it to link to a bunch of site unfit for family.  Life is about learning.  I did get my (.com) back, and then lost the (.net) consequently to the same Czech folks I think.


Today, I am just one of hundreds of bloggers in the gun community.  I am not even a leader in the rankings, or readers since my focus like my business as a firearms trainer died because I didn’t know then what I know now.


I persevere though because I am unique in the universe.  Not as a person of color, but as an American.  I am still striving.  I still serve a purpose and have encouraged hundreds if not thousands of others to do better.  I have learned patience, perseverance, and dedication.  I can truly say that after all my mistakes, I still like me.


Here is a short list of 100 + good folks sharing news, reviews and how-to’s within the gun community.  Some are well connected to the industry.  Some are regional stars.  Many of them meet during special get togethers like the NRA annual meeting and SHOT Show, and some are just notorious.   There are a couple that are well known in a search result but purposely omitted here because they do not play well with others. I am blessed to call most of these men and women friends.


18 Wheels and a 1911

A Girl and Her Gun

Accept The Challenge

All Nine Yars


An NC Gun Blog

Another Day…..Another…..

Armed and Pregnant

Armed and Safe

Armed Candy

Arms are the Mark of a Free Man

Average Joe’s Handgun Reviews

Backwoods Engineer

Bangers and Mash

Belt Fed Hell

Black Man with a Gun

Bob Owens

Burgers and Boomsticks

Cemetery’s Gun Blog

Charlotte Gun Rights Examiner

Clayton Cramer’s Blog

Cocked and Loaded

Daddy Bear’s Den

Day at the Range

Days of our Trailers

Double Tapper

Dustin’s Gun Blog


Evyl Robot Soapbox

Excels at Nothing

Female and Armed

Fill Yer Hands

Forgotten Weapons

Frank W. James, Gunwriter

From the Barrel of a Gun

Good Hill Press

Great Satan, Inc.

Gun Nuts Media


Gunner’s Journal

Guns, Cars, and Tech

Guy With Guns

Hell in a Handbasket

Home on the Range

In Jennifer’s Head

JulieG’s Blog

Knitebane Manor

Last Refuge of a Scoundrel

Les Jones

M. J. Mollenhour’s Blog

MacBourne’s Musings

MacBourne’s Musings

Maddened Fowl


Michigan Firearms Examiner

Modern Service Weapons

Mr. Completely

My Gun Culture

My Life = Chaos Management

My Tumultuous Adventure

National Gun Rights Examiner

Nerdgun – A Gunsmith Student Blog

New Jovian Thunderbolt

Newbie Shooter

Newbie Shooter

Newbius Papers

Nobody Asked Me

Not Clauswitz

No Lawyers – Only Guns And Money

NRA Blog


Oleg Volk

Packing Pretty


Peace, Love, and Ammunition

Personal Armament

Plumbum et Circenses


Revolver Liberation Alliance

Say Uncle

Serious Gun Blog


Shall Not Be Questioned

Sharp as a Marble

Sipsey Street Irregulars

Slow Facts

Smallest Minority

Snarky Bytes

Steve Fjestad’s Lethal Blogging

The Armed Lutheran

The Arms Room

The Breda Fallacy

The Cancer Ward

The Captain’s Journal


The Drawn Cutlass

The Firearm Blog

The Lair

The Michael Bane Blog

The Packetman

The View from North Central Idaho

Traction Control

Triangle Tactical

Ultimate Reloader Blog

View from the Porch

Walls of the City

War on Guns

Weapon Blog

Weer’d World

When the Balloon Goes Up!

WNC Concealed Carry

Dorie Miller*Dorie Miller was the valiant hero. boxer and Navy cook, that while the enemy was bombing us at Pearl Harbor he  manned the guns during the attack and was rewarded for his bravery under fire.










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19 thoughts on “Gun Blogs”

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  2. I am honored you added me to the list. I’m sorry I didn’t make the NRA due to my brother’s death that week but hopefully, we can share a coffee or a conversation with some of our mutual friends in the future.

  3. Thanks for your sharing. I am a hunter, I liked the airgun. I like to keep track of people with the same interests gun. Thanks for your list. I’ll mark and track all.

  4. Ken, Just found your site ! Great thots. A ? – do you know of a single instance in the Bible where God or Jesus told men to put their weapons “not on their body/control” – seems I have a pastoral staff that thinks they have the authority to disarm folks in their ‘ministry” authority. I would relish your thoughts on this – .

    1. Unfortunately nothing you say to the contrary will help. Biblically Jesus was not a pacifist in the common vernacular. His reference to disarming Peter in the Garden was to admonish him for not realizing His mission was to give His life as a sacrifice. Jesus cares about your heart not what you are carrying.

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