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Griot of the Gun Community


I found a word that comes close to explaining what I am in this community.  It’s from West Africa, fittingly enough as I am a descendant of such.  I am most of what the old definition calls a grito.





West African American witch doctor Christian minister, storyteller, historian, and musician. Often lived alone on the fringes of society, compared in the past with modern American bluesmen.


Names are important.  Sometimes titles have value.  The most important name is the one you call yourself.  I am a defender.  I am a protector.  I am a storyteller and historian in the old traditional sense using modern ways to do what used to be local.  I am a musician.  I love the blues. I am a griot.

I am a part of a niche, the gun community.  I am a niche inside a niche.  My fringes are suede leather. I have a Gucci saddle…

Life is good. Now let me tell you a story…

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