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Opening day has arrived! Today starts the official journey of the site. The purpose of this site is to highlight, support and share information pertaining to untraditional members of the gun community.
If you are a gun owner you will soon find out that there are very loud, passionate people that fear guns, and people like you. While they are a minority; they are well funded and supported in conventional media.

My name is Rev. Kenn Blanchard and for over twenty years I have been in this community as an instructor, activist, speaker, organizer, and bridge builder. known as the Black Man With A Gun.

I want my legacy to be remembered as what Malcolm Gladwell called “a connector” in his book The Tipping Point. I have sacrificed much of my life to bring America together. I do this because I am hardwired that way. I value human connectivity. I value unity, and diversity before it was murdered by government programs.  I like the Star Trek model.

I have not done everything right in my life but I have learned much from my many attempts, triumphs and mistakes.

For twenty years plus I have been trying to make a career within the firearms industry while working at least two other jobs. Twenty years of falling down makes me appreciate life and being able to get up again. I have successfully created a community that follows my exploits and thoughts as the Black Man With A Gun. This is the next level. This includes friends I have met along the way on my journey to Oz.

Us vs. Them

What makes this hard is the same thing that makes it a joy. People. Some people like to suffer. Some people like division. Some people reinforce stereotype and prefer the “us versus them” mentality. I almost fell into that trap myself. You may have noticed a quiet period before this post. I had to reassess.

Sometimes we want it both ways. We want respect but don’t show it. We think that the only way to stand is on the back of someone else. We don’t realize that a candle does not lose any light lighting another candle. We can emphasize the contributions of another group and there are many (e.g. ethnic, gender, income, sexual orientation, etc.) without losing our own.

To do it you have to share and learn from the stories of others.

We have to recognize that anyone that will give you a gun is a friend, and anyone regardless of color, political or family affiliation that is trying to take yours away is your enemy.

Difference in skin color are first noticed at about two or three years of age. Even then, young children are considered “color blind” because they do not attach meaning to the color differences but merely perceive it as a difference. Young children often play together and form friendships regardless of cultural, racial, and social backgrounds.

Unfortunately, prejudice is learned and by the fourth or fifth grade, these same children often separate along traditional racial/cultural lines.

Prejudices in this subtle form are dangerous because if people are not aware of it and if steps are not taken to correct it, it can lead to straight up hate and discrimination.

A child is born with no state of mind, blind to ways of mankind.

Just as babies are not born with prejudices, no one is born automatically knowing the best way to communicate with people. That is the need I am filling here in our community — this gun community.  With the freedom we have it is easy to go backwards and even hurt yourself.  I am trying to keep us moving forward.

I have learned that you cannot divide people into groups without affecting the outcome. Even randomly assigning people to groups by flipping a coin launches cognitive “us versus them” processes.

People’s brains immediately begin viewing everything in terms of the in-group (the one to which they belong) and the out-group (the one to which they do not belong). That, in turn launches three strongly encoded cognitive processes: categorization, social identification and social comparison. This causes people to immediately begin viewing everything about the in-group with favoritism and everything about the out-group with prejudices. For example, people exaggerate the differences between the in-group and out-group. They also exaggerate the similarities among members of the out-group. For example, if one member of the out-group behaves badly, the behavior is attributed to all members of the out-group.

Gun Movement cartoon

You’ll find that some have found the Facebook group site that says gun movement.

Our news segment is courtesy of

This blog and I are now sponsored by United Concealed Carry Association. The USCCA wanted to help me in my journey and I can’t thank them enough for being forward thinking, positive and on point with this.

I am looking for writers, contributors of all experience levels, and talents. Let it be my job to find the spot for your gift. I want to help your group. I know nobody has done this before. I know you don’t need me. I know you can go further with me though. I’ll help advertise your event, find you money for it, share it socially, all that and more. It’s worth all the money you are paying me.

Don’t have a group or want to join another – you can join this one.

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