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Kenn is a little down but shares what gets him through, you, God, and love. Warning: Heavy Christian themed 40 min show.

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The SHOT show is a annual event hosted by the national Sport Shooting Foundation. It’s like a car show with 62,371, and more than 2,000 media representatives.

There also were 1,600-plus exhibitors who filled booth space that covered 630,000 net square feet. The show, which is a trade-only event, attracted industry professionals from all 50 states and 100 countries.

We were looking at guns, apparel, hunting and gear for military, law enforcement. Its free but everybody is not allowed in. You have to be a member of the industry in some form or fashion. According to the veteran media men it is too crowded now. It is losing its exclusivity and I can see the backlash.

It was at the Sands Expo center, one of the largest venues you could have and it is full. The day before the show starts is Media Day at the Range. It is the first point of contention for some. Last year, as a blogger and podcaster, I got the opportunity to go and heard several conversations on the bus from the hotel to the Boulder City Range that it wasn’t right for people like me to be there. For me that was the best part of the show. I got a chance to shoot new stuff, talk to the companies, meet other media people and network. Id’ rather network at a range than a dark bar with techno music and old NFL games playing loudly.

This time, to appease some and try something new, they had two groups. If you were in the in crowd you went to the morning session and got lunch. If not, the bus was supposed to pick you up at 1300. I was not in the first crew, and the desert was extremely cold this year so many of the vendors left at noon. It was brutal actually. I did shoot a cool new pistol and carbine from Caracal. I met Top Shot competitor and nice guy, JJ Racaza. I lost dexterity out in the elements and was unable to record good audio. I spoke to a few people, took a few pictures and got back on the bus before it left for day. I think I was at the range all of an hour. It sucked. I appreciate the NSSF for even allowing me there but know 0it was not worth the extra expense to come early, be away from family, the church and all of that for a few minutes.

I stayed at the source this year, the Venetian Hotel. It was expensive, I had a suite that was like four rooms in my house. It was the best hotel I have ever stay at. It was so good, I didn’t tweet a picture to show my wife. I got in Sunday and ordered room service. I ate one of the best steaks, sautéed spinach and cheese cake I have ever had. I will not be staying way across town again if I can help it. I didn’t care about all the hokey but authentic looking Italian décor but it was grand just the same. Folks were nice, and I felt like I was treating myself.

The SHOT show was so big, I didn’t even see ¾ths of it. Really? It was like 630,000 square feet of exhibition space. I was happy just to see a few podcast listeners and eat with folks that had the time. I went to State of the Industry Dinner and so the ventriloquist Terry Fator. I liked him. Talented guy, can only watch about 15 minutes of it though. Something needed to blow up or go bang to hold my attention after a day of the show. Some of the women in the industry had their own meet up at Gilley’s at the same time. I am sure it was a good time. I got invited to it but decided to take advantage of that soaking bath tub one more time before I left Vegas. So there I was contemplating last weeks episode among a mound of bubbles. Was going to video podcast from the tub. The thought did come up but it popped just like the bubbles did. Although it might be funny, you never know how the bubbles will hold out and I ain’t trying to show nothing but the facts man. Mess around and scare somebody. Might lose my G rating, and the G doesn’t stand for gansta.

I had a lot of time to think. Some of it in the tub, some in my big room, some walking alone in a sea of thousands.

The aha topic of conversation this year was the incredible backorder of sales shooting industry.

It is looking like 2013 will be a year of shortages. All of this happened before the Newtown Tragedies.


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  • Maryland http://marylandshallissue.org/2013/01/omalleys-2nd-amendment-disenfranchisement-bill
  • http://pistolpay.com


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2 thoughts on “Going Thru-Episode 305-Urban Shooter Podcast”

  1. I’m in the Don’t Shoot camp.  In my state, MA, you cannot use deadly force to protect property.  Therefore, using deadly force for stealing is out.  Espicially if it isn’t my stuff! 😉  Defensive use of firearms are for life or death situations.  This is not that.
    ~Charlie in MA

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