God and Country [podcast 488]

Without planning it, when I opened up the blog to become an online magazine, a familiar theme emerged. The early adopting authors and contributors to this concept all have a belief system.  We are all patriotic, believers in God.  I know there are non-believing, skeptics, atheist, agnostics, a Wiccan or Satanist in this listening community, but the fact that the first people that answered my call to write were like me, is interesting.

This Labor Day Weekend, I want to talk about religion a little and give you the story of a man called the Saint of Gun owners, Gabriel Francis Possenti.  I also want to share with you some interesting information about the religion of Islam.  We in the gun community do a lot of bashing of Islam and I want the people in this audience to be cool with everyone.  We have overcome decades of racism (my audience) I can’t vouch for the rest of the world and I want to keep it real when it comes to faiths.  Not sure if I will do this as a series, although that is what I am leaning toward, just to give you some perspective, some background, some knowledge.  You know there are some gun owning American Muslims right?  You realize that some are in the military, law enforcement and on your street that don’t support terrorism, anarchy or other anti-American crap?  You know that right?  OK.

I just think we can do better as a people than we have been.  We have been allowing xenaphobes to run unchecked.

I realized on my long drive from upstate New York back home from a funeral that one of the things I do is that we talk about stuff that is on the minds of the mature people in the gun community.

This show is for the cool people.

This week I also got a chance to go to the range, and finish my review of the Rock Island Armory pistol I got a chance to test and evaluate.   Like I said before, I like this gun.  It is a big hunk of iron.  My only complaint is the weight.  There is not one piece on this piece that is lightweight but after I drink my Tigers Milk, eat a bunch of supplements and put on my big boy pants, I can run this thing.  It shoots well.  I mucked around with the adjustable rear sight until I figured out it was me and not the gun.  After I got over that, I consistently put the rounds in the same hole like they are supposed to go if you do all that marksmanship jazz.  Ie, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, etc.  I used the Armscor ammo that was provided and it worked without a hitch. This was the 9mm barrel and spring assembly that I used.  Same magazines as the .22 TCM flame throwing rounds I tried before.  This time I shot 200 rounds nonstop.  It was basically a 1911 9mm by a cool newer company from my Pinoy family.

It might become my additional nightstand gun. Might have to get one of Crossbreed Holsters bedside backup.


High Capacity Magazine this week:

Michael J. Woodland of M-WTactical.com Training Tips Segment

Rock Island Armory’s  .22 TCM/9MM Full Size Pistol


.22 TCM from RIA


Black Guns Matter is having an event in Baltimore.  https://www.facebook.com/events/1253062321385148


Armed American Stories


South Side homeowner shoots man suspected of stealing from…


Homeowner shoots intruder armed with crochet hook in Mountlake Terrace | KOMO


Mother shoots daughter’s boyfriend, won’t face charges – WALB.com, South Georgia 



The Rights of Gun Owners

Owning a gun or two makes puts you at 62% of the homeowners in rural areas and 42% in the big cities that do. 54% in small cities and 51% of the suburbanites all adding up to about 300 million guns in the US. *based on a report from 1980. (Yeah old data). Regardless of the data, you know that even today, gun owners in the media and politics are disrespected, discriminated and demonized. We have rights.

And not only the 2nd Amendment. We have the 9th Amendment. Which says that because certain traditional common law rights such as the right to armed self-defense are not spelled out specifically in the Constitution, it doesn’t mean that these rights have been nullified. We have the 4th Amendment that protects us from being unlawfully searched. There is the 14th Amendment that provides in part that no state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the US, nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty or property without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the law. That amendment passed Congress in 1866, shortly after the conclusion of the Civil War. It was aimed at states of the former Confederacy, which were routinely abridging the rights of newly freed black people.

Truth be told, many of the 20,000 plus state and local gun laws are probably violate this section of the Constitution.

Don’t forget to join me September 23-25 in Tampa, FL for the 31st Gun Rights Policy Conference https://www.saf.org/grpc/ where you can get all the up to date info, stats, and more.

Special thanks to supporters of the podcast and Kenn Blanchard. I wouldn’t be able to travel to the conference to see some of you and do the show as long as I have been without you. http://patreon.com/blackmanwithagun


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