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ew jackson for Lt Governor
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I had lunch with a guy that is pretty cool.  I also found out that he is running for Lt. Governor in Virginia.  Really hope he makes it because the brother is solid, humble and has his feet on the ground.  There are not a lot of politicians you want break bread with these days.  This guy was real, and that is why I like him.  He is genuine.

Like me he is a former US Marine, a bishop of a nondenominational church in Chesapeake, VA.   He was a teacher of law, from the Harvard Law School.  He is a gun owner, a conservative, a compassionate guy that cares about people.  I think we need that in government.  He is going to make me consider moving to VA if you put him office.  He needs your help though.  All I can do is point to him, clap for him, cheer him from the sides, my Commonwealth family have to vote for him, stand for him at the polls. It’s just the right thing to do.


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