Please plan now to take time off in order to attend the Committee Hearing on the Governor’s proposed gun ban.

Hearing date:   Wednesday, February 6, 2013 @ 1:00 PM

Senate Judicial Proceedings – Miller Senate Office Building

NEW! * Senate Gun Bill Hearing Date * NEW!
Governor O’Malley Formally Unveils Gun Ban Legislation
Senate President Mike Miller’s Public Survey – Guns
E-mail Blitz – Send 500,000 Emails to the Legislature
Phone Campaign Targeting Key Committee Members & Legislators

Senate Gun Bill Hearings:
Wednesday, February 6, 2013 @ 1:00 PM
Senate Judicial Proceedings – Miller Senate Office Building
SB 228 – Criminal Law – Use of Handgun in Crime of Violence or Felony – Statute of LimitationsSB 266 – Regulated Firearms – Database – Applications for Dealer’s License – Record Keeping

SB 281 – Firearm Safety Act of 2013 (O’Malley’s Gun Ban)


Governor O’Malley’s Gun Ban

(click the bill name for the bill text in pdf)

Sponsors: The President (By Request – Administration) and Senators BensonConwayCurrie,FergusonForehandFroshKelleyKingMadalenoMannoMontgomeryPetersPinskyRamirez,RaskinRobeyRosapepeYoung, and Zirkin
Purpose:Altering the authorization for a person to wear, carry, or transport a handgun to be within specified limitations; designating specified firearms as assault weapons; prohibiting, with specified exceptions, a person from transporting an assault weapon into the State or possessing, selling, offering to sell, transferring, purchasing, or receiving an assault weapon; authorizing specified licensed firearms dealers to continue to possess, sell, offer for sale, or transfer specified weapons under specified circumstances; etc.
The major points of the Governor’s gun ban agenda:
  • An across-the-board ban on commonly owned semi-automatic firearms
  • Restrict magazine capacity to no more than ten rounds
  • Require a five-year state permit to purchase a firearm which would be obtained after prospective gun purchasers complete a mandatory gun safety class with a live fire component, submit their fingerprints to a state-run database, and undergo a state-funded background check with a potential wait time from application to approval of up to 30 days – permit is renewable
  • Broaden the list of disqualifying mental health criteria and conditions
  • Grant police additional authority to confiscate firearms
  • Require an additional federal background check at the actual time of purchase
  • Impose a seven-day waiting period before a purchaser can take possession of their firearm
  • Restrict the purchase or possession of ammunition for certain firearms
  • Require that persons moving into Maryland register all regulated firearms with the Maryland State Police and pay a $15 fee per application
  • Ban persons from bringing “assault long guns” into Maryland unless the firearm was registered with the Maryland State Police before November 1, 2013.
  • Impose mandatory training requirements for permits to carry a handgun
  • Ban certain turkey shotguns with pistol grips and adjustable/telescoping stocks
This bill was written quickly and is rather convoluted. A detailed analysis of this legislation will be forthcoming as soon as we complete a detailed investigation of the many provisions in this bill. In the meantime, stay calm and stay focused on opposing this appalling bill sponsored by the Governor of this unfortunate state.
We need your assistance and full participation in the following areas:

Senate President Mike Miller’s Public Survey – Guns
Maryland Senate President Mike Miller has posted a public opinion survey covering various topics. The news media is reporting that Senator Miller has indicated that he is inclined to support a ban on semi-automatic firearms.
Please take Senator Miller’s survey; the gun related questions follow. The link to the survey is at the bottom of this article.


Survey – Gun Related Questions:


Currently, Maryland law requires that applicants for concealed carry permits for handguns must have a “good and substantial reason” to require this permit. This law is currently under review in the courts. Do you support: *

  • Greater restrictions on concealed handgun permits
  • Fewer restrictions on concealed handgun permits   OR  <=======
  • Current restrictions on concealed handgun permits
  • Undecided on this issue
  • Other: shall issue    <===== 

This session, proposed legislation would ban the sale of assault weapons in Maryland. Do you: *

  • Support this legislation
  • Oppose this legislation     <======= 
  • Undecided on this legislation
  • Other: 

This session, proposed legislation would ban the sale of large capacity gun magazines in Maryland. Do you: *

  • Support this legislation
  • Oppose this legislation  <====== 
  • Undecided on this legislation
  • Other: 

E-mail Blitz – Send 500,000 Emails to the Legislature

The recent tragedy in Newtown is being used as an excuse to advance legislation intended to ban many types of firearms and magazines.

Your legislators need to hear from you and the AGC has provided an effective tool to help Maryland’s gun owners.

The “Email your Legislators” feature on the AGC Website’s Legislative News page is simple to use and very effective. In no more time than it takes to send a single email, you can send up to 188 individual personal emails, one to each and every member of the Maryland General Assembly.

Your message does not need to be long or in great detail. Short and to the point is fine. Save the long detailed explanations for your “on paper” letters.


Let’s Blitz the Legislature with 500,000 emails telling them that we won’t stand idle, and we should not be blamed for what someone else did. So far this year, over 316,000 emails have been sent.



  • The system will automatically fill in the Salutation for you by adding either “Dear Senator Name” or “Dear Delegate Name” above your message 
  • Always keep your communications respectful and courteous!
  • Short and to the point emails work best.
Click on the link with the red scrolling banner in the Email Your Legislators system to email the entire Maryland General Assembly.

Phone Campaign Targeting Key Committee Members & Legislators
When legislative staffers are so busy answering the phone that they cannot accomplish anything else, the legislators take notice. Make them notice you!

Make phone calls and keep calling on a daily basis. Focus on the key members of the Judiciary Committees as well as your own elected representatives.

The message is simple:  Please oppose all gun control legislation.

Click here to find your elected representatives.

Click here to download and print the Call List.


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