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The Urban Shooter Podcast episode 309

one more round2 blackmanwithagun.com


  • Interview with  Daily Caller.com’s – Guns and Gear editor- Mike Piccione
  • Sign of the Times- Bones Hooks
  • Gimmie All Your Loving- Bones Hooks 
  • Aesop fable
  • Interview with JJ Racaza- Caracal, Top Shot, ISPC, IDPA 
  • American Gun Owner video – Maryland Shall Issue – PSA 
  • Barbara Baird of Womens Outdoor News talks about the VP.
  • Rocky Balboa speech to his son 
  • http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blackmanwithagun/american-gun-owner-show 





 “I pride ourselves on the high moral standards of our programs, and I mean that sincerely. I don’t resort to sex or crime or violence or drinking… on the programs.” 



Rev. Kenn Blanchard, internet radio broadcaster, online advertiser, veteran, concealed carry activist and harley davidson motorcycle enthusiast shares whats on the minds of hunters and concealed carry permit holders.


Gun podcast and blog from Rev. Kenn Blanchard, gun rights activist, firearms trainer, USMC vet, former CIA, author of "Black Man With A Gun: Reloaded" and concealed carry activist and Harley Davidson motorcycle enthusiast that shares whats on the minds of mature gun owners.

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  1. Afrikeber
    February 23, 2013

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    Wow man….never heard of the Deacons of Defense and Justice. I started to do my own reaerch and found an exellent article written by the Gun Owners of America. i then posted it on my FB. I laughed at your description of the Prince concert asI too while stationed in San Antonio Texas during the early 80′s went to one with two Army nurses. I will not go into what occured thereafter but I’ll never forget it……

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