Fight One More Round Podcast 309

The Urban Shooter Podcast episode 309

one more round2


  • Interview with  Daily’s – Guns and Gear editor- Mike Piccione
  • Sign of the Times- Bones Hooks
  • Gimmie All Your Loving- Bones Hooks 
  • Aesop fable
  • Interview with JJ Racaza- Caracal, Top Shot, ISPC, IDPA 
  • American Gun Owner video – Maryland Shall Issue – PSA 
  • Barbara Baird of Womens Outdoor News talks about the VP.
  • Rocky Balboa speech to his son 





 “I pride ourselves on the high moral standards of our programs, and I mean that sincerely. I don’t resort to sex or crime or violence or drinking… on the programs.” 



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One comment

  1. Wow man….never heard of the Deacons of Defense and Justice. I started to do my own reaerch and found an exellent article written by the Gun Owners of America. i then posted it on my FB. I laughed at your description of the Prince concert asI too while stationed in San Antonio Texas during the early 80’s went to one with two Army nurses. I will not go into what occured thereafter but I’ll never forget it……

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