Ever Feel Like You’re Repeating Yourself?

Boy, I sure do. But I’ll say it anyway:

There is no such thing as a gun free zone.

They are gun free only to those inclined to obey the law, which…surprise!…does not include those who are willing to shoot their university professor over grades.


If you think it’s repetitive to read, try writing it every time some psycho walks right past a plastic “gun free zone” sign and starts shooting people who obeyed the stupid thing. It is repetitive because since 1950, only two mass public shootings have occurred in places which were not designated as gun free zones.

But I’ll keep writing it as long as the anti-gun rights crowd continues to insist that a sign will somehow stop a murderer (despite all the evidence to the contrary). Gun free zones disarm only the law abiding, who might really need a gun to defend themselves when an arbitrary rule fails to stop a killer.

It is way past time to discard this fantasy. I’d really rather write about something else for a change.

— David Cole

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