Episode 301 – Reasonable Gun Laws

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I wish folks accusing me of murder just for being a gun owner would stop.  It is incorrect to label a law abiding citizen that owns a firearm anything other than an American.  Being a gun enthusiast does not make me a killer.  If you have said that then the phrase “Yo Mama” comes to mind but that isn’t nice.  I wish the people that cry and parrot the term “reasonable gun laws” knew that what they are asking for they have but what they want is prohibition.

Look up the word “reasonable” for yourself.  Reasonable is synonymous with moderate, not exceeding the limit prescribed, and agreeable.  Would the head of any of the anti-rights groups or billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg ever be agreeable with Americans that believe that the right to keep and bear arms is an individual right they have to protect their families or themselves, regardless of their location in the United States? I don’t think so either.

Americans regardless of how we think on the gun issue want to live in peace, and are against violence.  All of us are against violence.  Gun owners are so against violence that they have surrendered more than reasonable personal information and data to comply with the individual and strict gun laws in the states they reside not to become victims.  In some states, a law abiding person, is subjected to the same intrusions on his or her freedom as a criminal, as a moderate and agreeable process to own, buy or transfer a firearm.  Criminals do not get permission to buy guns.  Criminals do not wait for background check approval from the FBI before receiving their firearms.  Sick and mentally ill people bent on destruction do not buy guns at gun shows through proverbial loop holes.  After the tragic murder of the beautiful little children in Newtown, CT, the gun phobic, and the itinerant prohibitionist are using our collective grief for an opportunity to get camera time, raise money and get ahead.  Please stop the madness.

Please understand that all law abiding gun owning Americans are deeply saddened also by the horrific events that continue to happen.  It is the main reason we arm ourselves.  In addition to learning about the firearms we own, we have learned our history, and some of us have become students of human behavior.  We know that criminals prefer unarmed victims.  We know that broken people and criminals don’t obey gun control laws.  We know we are responsible for our lives and that of our families.  We know that the police have no legal authority to go into harm’s way to protect us.  We know that politicians lie.  We know that what is reasonable to some is a precursor to confiscation for the rest of us.  Please don’t tell me what I don’t need.  I am trying to believe I am still in America.


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Before You Accuse Me – Bones Hooks











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