Emily Miller Conversation for the 300th episode Pt 1

In celebration of this milestone (my 300th episode), I was fortunate enough to get Washington Times, senior editor and DC gun activist Emily Miller out one evening to talk about faith, firearms, and my life. This is the first one I mashed together. I have to get a better camera, microphone and set up to do this or get someone that knows what there are doing. We spoke candidly about a lot of things. I definitely have a new friend. She is an intense and sharp woman, and at the same time, sweet with a gentle spirit. She would be a great first grade teacher, (if we paid our teachers anything). I could see, hundreds of little boys having their first crush, leaning on her every word and learning from her.
Without a lot of fanfare we just jumped into the conversation. I felt a little awkward at first but I’ll explain that on episode 300 of the Urban Shooter Podcast. Here is the video.


I want to publically thank Ms. Miller for agreeing to come out late and do this for me. It was a good time.

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