Do You Feel Lucky?



Well, do you?

Because according to Monica Moll, Public Safety Director at Ohio State University, “we’re very fortunate that an OSU officer was there and took quick action.”  She was speaking of today’s attack at OSU by a terrorist who used a car and a knife to brutalize unarmed college students, sending eleven to the hospital, one with critical injuries.


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“Fortunate.”  A synonym for fortunate is “lucky,” and Moll is right…it was lucky that an OSU police officer was on the scene of the attack almost immediately, and was able to shoot and kill the attacker within a minute or two.

But there’s such a thing as bad luck, too.  What if an armed officer had not been close by?  What if the terrorist had four, or five, or ten minutes to hack at defenseless students with a knife before someone could be summoned to bring a gun to the scene and shoot him?  Because the truth is that there will NOT always be an armed officer nearby; more often it will in fact take several minutes for one to arrive at the scene of a violent attack.

Ohio State University, like many college campuses across the country, is what is commonly (and falsely) referred to as a “gun free zone.”  In fact, Ohio law prohibits the carrying of firearms into college buildings, and OSU policy bans them anywhere on the property, even in vehicles.  And all such laws and policies do is ensure that the law abiding are disarmed and disadvantaged when faced with an attacker such as the one at OSU today.




In fact, today’s “fortunate” outcome should be viewed as testament to the fact that “gun free zones” are the only places where such attacks have any hope of succeeding, and that one good person with a gun can end such an attack quickly and decisively.  But we cannot depend on good fortune to put a police officer in the right place, at the right time, every time.  By ending “gun free zones” and allowing good people the arms to defend themselves, we can certainly improve our odds.

Luck is not a plan.  Prayers for Ohio State.

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David Cole

I’ve walked my winding path in the shoes of: ski lift operator, forest fire fighter, radio announcer, US Army officer, police officer, and SWAT team member. These days, I work full time as a corporate security professional at a major financial services firm, while providing firearms and personal safety training part time as Aegis Solutions LLC.

I am an Endowment Member of the National Rifle Association, and a certified NRA Basic Pistol Instructor, Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor, and Range Safety Officer. I compete regularly at my local club in steel plate pistol matches, and am a “C” Class competitor in the Single Stack division of United States Practical Shooting Association. I have been a student of the martial art of aikido for 16 years, and hold the rank of nidan (2nd degree black belt).


  1. I’m truly sorry that anyone got hurt, but did anyone notice he didn’t use a nasty old gun? He had a knife and a car. When will the cries go out to ban cars and knives from the safe place. It only stands to reason that they will be banned next. Then ball point pens and pencils. Fingernail files are probably already banned.
    Let me reiterate, I am sorry that anyone was injured, but will anyone that is responsible for the ban on licensed concealed carry wake up and see that there are multiple “weapons” at the disposal of someone bent on evil deeds?

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