Cruising: Urban Shooter Podcast #299

Urban Shooter Podcast #299


The opening song this week was supposed to be “Cruising,” a Smokey Robinson classic. I admit it was not done justice by Bones Hooks. But is apropos to so many of us just cruising through life, not quite sure where we are going or what we are experiencing. We are traveling around in a sea of discontent. Pissed off at the President of the United States, pissed off at the economy, pissed off at the environment, pissed off at our lot in life, our pants are too tight, the publisher clearing house guy didn’t arrive yet, we didn’t get the winning Powerball ticket, and we are stuck in a job we can’t stand. Can’t leave because we don’t know what’s out there if there is anything.

Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, take it from me. This is it. You have to take what you have and make the best of it for you and your family. You don’t get a do-over. You can’t live in that great river in Egypt, Denial, or float around on a sea of regret.

You can’t get mad because some barefoot foreign who was eating out of a mountain of human refuge gets over here and becomes a millionaire. Get your spoiled but off the couch and change your situation. This is America. This is greatest nation in the world. She is still beautiful and she don’t owe you mother busting thing but the freedom to do better for yourself. If you got a bucket list, your operating system is busted. Don’t wait to live.

Every man dies, but not everyman truly lives. ( scene from Braveheart


Otis McDonald Basking in Historic Victory that Will Allow Concealed Carry in Illinois   by  J. Coyden Palmer

Just Like Clockwork   John Richardson

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Security Tip From Women’s Outdoor News’ Barbara Baird

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An Act of Bravery: Otis W. McDonald and the Second Amendment

Don’t forget the Blanchard Chapel. Help needed.

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