In the wake of the horrific murder of two NYPD officers yesterday, there are many questions yet to be answered.  I only have one, and it goes out to the cultists who so fervently believe in the power of gun control to reduce violence.

How was a convicted felon and known gang member able to get a “high capacity” pistol in Maryland, and then take it to New York to murder two police officers?  How was an Islamic terrorist able to get a sawed-off shotgun in Australia, and take a cafe full of hostages before murdering two of them?  How did gun control fail so miserably?

Maryland is a gun control paradise.  Handguns require a permit to purchase and must be registered with the state, and owners must be licensed and a permit is required to carry a handgun. However, Maryland is a “may-issue” state and rarely issues concealed carry permits to the average citizen.  Never mind that the NYPD killer was already a convicted felon and federally prohibited from possessing a firearm of any type, and would have failed any background check…and Maryland already has a “universal background check” law on the books.  Oh, and the Taurus pistol used by the killer accepts a magazine which holds more than 10 rounds, making it illegal in both the state of Maryland and in New York.

Image: John Minchillo/AP

The murderer got around all of these laws, and got a pistol anyway.  Then he took it to New York, with gun control laws even more restrictive than Maryland’s, and killed two police officers.  Name about any type of gun control law, and odds are that either Maryland or New York has it…but it didn’t even slow this guy down.  If laws are the answer, why didn’t it work here?

It didn’t work in Australia last week, either.  Following the Port Arthur massacre in 1996, Australia banned practically all firearms.  Since then, firearms ownership by private citizens has been so tightly restricted as to be impractical for the law-abiding.  But a terrorist was still somehow able to obtain a sawed-off shotgun and take 17 hostages in a Sydney cafe, killing two before being killed himself in a police assault.  Heck, the Sydney killer had enough of a criminal record that he couldn’t have legally possessed a firearm in Kentucky, much less Australia.  On an island continent with the types of gun control laws that American gun prohibitionists can only dream of, it still wasn’t enough to stop a determined criminal.

Channel Seven/AFP/Getty Images
Hostages held by a gunman, in one of the world’s largest gun-free zones.










How is it that this smorgasbord of gun control laws failed to stop a determined criminal?  Because someone who is willing to break the law against murder will never be stopped by laws against owning firearms.  Such laws only disarm the law abiding, and it is a fool or a liar who tells you differently.


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2 thoughts on “A Question”

  1. Yet the gun-grabbers response is “We need more/stricter laws”.
    They seem to believe criminals will then obey the laws.
    You just cannot fix stupid.

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