Crazy talk, that’s what it is. All this business about recognizing licenses from other states is just crazy. Just because someone has a license from a state like maybe Mississippi…just a little bit of training, and a perfunctory test…well, it doesn’t mean they would meet the standards to get a license in say, New York.


Not in my state, you don’t. We’ve got higher standards than that!


All the states have different requirements, and it’s their right to demand that anyone who brings one of those death machines into their state meet their requirements. Did you know that in 2015, over 35,000 people were killed with one of those things? So if a state wants stricter licensing requirements, they ought to be able to do so, and demand that anyone with an out-of-state license leave their death machine at home.

After all, there’s no right to keep and drive cars. That’s crazy talk.


Rights are rights, regardless of state lines.



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