Comments about the Florida Shooting

Media, published my feelings in words. I thought I’d convey them on this video as well.
There are no winners only survivors.

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14 thoughts on “Comments about the Florida Shooting”

  1. Well Pastor I just heard about this on the news as I was about to watch this video. First thing that was discussed was how the stand your ground laws work in Florida, then weather or not the shooter had to be licensed just to posses  the firearm. Like you I was not there, however, I do morn for the loss of a life.

  2. Stand your ground law has nothing to do with this kids death.If anything it would apply to Martin, not Zimmerman. Zimmerman should have never gotten out of his car, as the police told him not to. He should have never followed the kid, he should have never approached the kid and he should never have confronted him. The guy should have been arrested. The only problem after the shooting was the police mis-applying the law on Zimmerman’s side.

    1. 1. A question that I recall is whether the dispatcher told Zimm.” Not To Follow”, or told Zimm. That “He Did Not Need to do that”-one is an order, the other a decline of assistance. I once found myself driving behind a weaving vehicle on the freeway, which almost hit a few other cars. As we called the CHP, the dispatcher stated that they would not ask me to follow, but would appreciate any information should I be in a position to give it.

      2. I’ve heard acconts, one of my own, where the dispatcher gave some bad/wrong instruction that they had no right to give. One was an armed homeowner, told to put the weapon away, who ignored the instruction and subsequently needed the weapon for self defense.

      3. I’ve seen a number of queries in this Zimm./Martin case whether the dispatcher was even an officer.

  3. When I was a lot younger, a older wiser lady asked me something that has
    stuck with me for many years and has never led me down the wrong path. 
    I made a statement that I’d been tought all my childhood and she immediately responded with “Who Told You That?” 

    Her meaning was not that my atatement was wrong, (it was) but why am I
    believing without checking the Bible for myself. 

    In this case, the News Media started in on the Stand Your Ground rule,
    Zimmerman was reported to have claimed self-defense….I’ve gone back
    and not one new report stated ‘he’ was invoking the stand you ground
    rule. He stated Self Defense…

    While there are many facets to what we’ve been told, there is probably a
    lot we have not been told. Remember “Who told you that?” is always a
    good reminder not to go off half cocked.

    One thing I always remember from my initial training, pre-gun owning
    days…Never be the aggressor and then use your gun, you will not be
    happy with the outcome.


  4. This doesn’t qualify as a legitimate defensive gun use, based on what I know. More facts may come out. I have not heard the tape, and the rumor of a racial slur goes unconfirmed, possibly to occur when I get to hear it myself. Fed up with crime, Zimmerman DID become a wannabe cop. The thought of doing so probably runs through many of our minds these days. It is nearly always unwise. Ultimately, we can’t know what was in Zimmerman’s heart. The almighty knows. And hopefully the almighty will guide a jury to the correct conclusion. If malice was involved, it’s murder 2. If not, voluntary manslaughter. FLA’s SYG law does not apply in my mind. And you can’t answer fists with bullets if you are an able bodied male.

    But the real mystery is why Zimmerman was not arrested and at least forced to post bail. Another mystery is why the media use photos of Martin that in no way represent his actual appearance at the time of his death. While it doesn’t change the nature of the crime and the fact that a young man is dead, I beleive the media seeks to inflame passions just to sell advertisements.

    I’ve often said that the ultimate test of whether a white person is a bigot or not is whether or not he is afraid of black folks. The usual suspects are out there trying to make black folks scary. Inflame, incite, frighten. Profit. Some of these are men who stood in pulpits. Some marched with Dr. King. They have some things to answer for as well.

    What is needed here is clear thinking, and rational justice. Not profiteering and political opportunism.

    1. I agree with most of what you said. Still

      1. An armed person ceases to be able bodied if they have incurred blows to the head, disorienting and/disabling them

      2. I wonder that SYG does apply if Zimm had returned toward his truck and Martin followed

      3. You did not state this, but many automatically condemn the armed vs unarmed. The unarmed does have access to the others weapon, and does sometimes try to take it, and that presents a lethal threat. Massad Ayoob made an observation that there is some evidence that Martin may have been holding the slide of the gun.

    2. 4. Is it wrong to wanna be a cop? I went to high school with a kid who had this desire. Started with explorers and is now a Sgt. With the Sheriff’s Dept. I read a few reports that Zimm. Was in the process of becoming a LEO.

      5 is it wron to want less crime in your neighborhood, and volunteering with local patrol organization to make it happen. We have a number of them here that work with the local police. One report stated that Zimm. Had effected real arrests in previous cases.

  5. Well stated.

     I am a gun owner that at one time use to hunt game. When I was a hunter there was a slogan I saw quite often in regards to ensuring gun safety amongst fellow hunters. SPORT: Sportsmen Policing Our Ranks Together. I’m pro gun and I think it’s time we pro second ammendment folks take this idea to heart on gun ownership.

    This case in Florida is an absolue heartbreaker. Unfortunately in this election year it will be used by the most by disingenous folks to further their cause with no thought for anyone involved. I, like everyone else watching what is happening there, was not present that evening. My gut instinct is that an overly zealous under (perhaps even zero) trained person took a life. I firmly believe this shooter is representative in any way the responsible second ammendment advocate. It’s time we policed our ranks and saw to that all armed citizens are of the same mind of the responsible gun owner.

    In the meantime it won’t hurt to keep these folks in your prayers and thoughts. And definitely “pray” that those who “prey” on these sitautions do not succeed in polarizing our country and reverse any strides we have made toward erasing prejudice and racism.

  6.  Well, It may be time to pull Zimmerman from under the bus.

    account was that he was cold-cocked, knocked to the ground, and martin
    proceeded to pound Zimmerman’s head into the pavement. An attempt was
    made to grab his gun by martin. The evidence if a bloody face and broken nose and wounds
    on the back of Zimmerman’s head, plus a witness account of Zimmerman
    down, on his back, being beaten by Martin support this.

    If all
    this is the case, IF there was no assault by Zimmerman, nor was their
    mutual combat, A simple punch to he face would have indicated assault 4,
    a gross misdemeanor. However, pounding another human being’s head
    against concrete indicates at least intent to do serious bodily harm, or Assault 3 or better, all felonies.

    In such a case, everything that took place up until the first blow was struck becomes irrelevant, and Zimmerman would be justified.

    1. One could speculate that Zimm. Flashed his holster/gun then said quietly, “I’m going to shoot you and you can’t stop me” and that Martin attacked in self defense, and then Zimm would not be justified. how does one tell what actually happened?

  7. thoughtful and well done podcast, I would not have followed the young man after reporting him to the police and suspect that was poor judgement in the moment, nor would I have attacked someone for following me but would have called the police to report my concern about someone following me .. I do carry concealed at all times so can not afford to be aggressive or fool hardy brave either. 17 year old young men think they will live forever and some people think they should do more to protect the community from perceived threats. both may well have used flawed fatal judgements…just very sad for both when a whole country seems to be pre-judging based on old stereotypes.

    1. My issue is we have no evidence except the word of the shooter that he was punched or hit by Trayvon. The supposed witness supporting this is anonymous. Meanwhile witnesses have gone on camera saying they felt their testimony was altered/dismissed by police. There are 2 different police reports and a video tape of Zimmerman walking into the police station that calls into question how “injured” this shooter was. Just by way of person experience, I have never in my life seen someone whose nose was broken and who’s head was supposedly bashed into concrete wearing easily visible bandages if he were treated by EMT.  Shirt tucked in, no blood on the shirt. That’s just strange.

      1. The blood on the back of Zimm.s head, as well as the witness testimony is evidence if that is in fact what happened. It is the ambiguity of the evidence that is the problem.

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