Coming To America

“That could never happen here.”

I imagine more than a few Parisians said that to themselves after Islamic terrorists attacked Mumbai, India and a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya.

I imagine that today, many Americans are viewing the terror attack in Paris and telling themselves, “that could never happen here.”  Why not?  Why can’t that happen here?

Islamic terrorists attack French newspaper in Paris.


The only possible answers would be either that they do not wish to do that here, or that they are not capable of doing that here.

Do you believe that Islamic terror groups are incapable of putting ten men on the ground in the United States with small arms and improvised explosives?  Let’s just concede that if they can do it in France, they can do it here.  While our law enforcement will certainly respond bravely with every resource they have, they will not be able to stop the carnage a dedicated team of terrorists can inflict.  If you believe that your local police are capable of dealing with such an attack, I invite you to watch this video:


I believe that the only reason that it has not yet happened is that they do not wish to…yet.  Even among professionals in the counter-terror field, there is much debate as to why terror attacks of this style have not yet arrived.  One reason offered to me by an intelligence professional is that terror groups know that America is a well-armed nation, and they are afraid that such attacks may not be as successful here as in countries where the populace is largely defenseless.

That is important to note, as it highlights the only thing that these terrorists fear…failure.  We all know by now that Islamic terrorists operate with the belief that to die in jihad guarantees their admission to heaven, so they do not fear death.  But what they do fear is to die a failure, with their objectives unrealized.  It may well be that the only thing stopping such an attack is the knowledge that there may be an armed American “behind every blade of grass” waiting for them.


I’m not personally convinced that it will be enough to deter such attacks in the long term, though.  The payoff in terms of terror is eventually going to become too tempting to pass up.  Think about it.  If you really wanted to hurt America, it wouldn’t be that hard.  Put together a few of these teams, and send them out to shoot up a half-dozen shopping malls, all on the same day.  Who in America is going to go shopping at a mall after that?  Nobody.  Even scarier, imagine the same teams all going out and shooting up a half-dozen elementary schools on the same day.  What parent is going to send their kids to school tomorrow?  Nobody.  And all those parents are staying home from work with their kids, too.  One rogue shooter shut down half of California for days; multiple Mumbai-style attacks in America would shut down the country for who knows how long.

I think we’re going to get hit somewhere in America, eventually.  I hope I’m wrong, but as the saying goes, hope is not a plan.  My plan is to be armed at all times, and prepared to defend myself and those dear to me.  What is your plan?

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3 thoughts on “Coming To America”

  1. While I fully agree with David’s points above, the fly in the ointment, regarding the USA, is that there are “free states” and there are Socialist states. To succeed, the terrorists need only perpetrate their attacks in states like New Jersey, Massachusetts, Hawaii, or the few other states where concealed carry licenses are almost impossible to get, unless you are rich and connected. It stands to reason that, if they give it any thought, the terrorist attackers will avoid states like Florida, Kentucky, or Texas where concealed carry is quite common. The jihadists may even avoid NYC because, even though the population there are defenseless sheep, the NYPD has a strong intelligence apparatus and highly trained response forces (at least until “Bolshevik” Bill Deblasio succeeds in totally emasculating his police force).

  2. The scenario that I envision is, like 9-11. The perpetrators will be legal American residents or citizens.

    They will acquire the necessary weapons legally and train along with us. The people in the 9-11 group legally acquired flight training in Florida.

    They will take CCW classes, as well as tactical rifle classes in States where 2A support is strongest. They will be familiar with over-watch techniques to intercept first-responders. They will be sold these weapons and receive this training because folks want to make money. People also don’t want to be perceived as intolerant or politically incorrect.

    Their actual attack will be in those States where 2A support is the weakest. The weapons that will be used will be semi-automatic handguns and “AR pistol”-type rifles. These will have been modified by the attackers to be SBRs and . Obviously they wouldn’t care about violating gun laws because they expect to die during the attack. They will take-out the “mall cops”, and begin the carnage until they are stopped. The attack will last no longer than 5 minutes. The body count will be far greater than Mumbai or Kenya because they won’t waste time asking who is or is not muslim, or what muslim sect they belong to.

    They will use snipers to distract SWAT, which buys more time for the killing to take place.

    Without fundamentally changing the nature of America as guaranteed by our Constitution, this type of scenario can not be prevented. If a determined group wants to mount such an attack, they will. Strengthening the Patriot Act is a non-starter.

    The BEST defense is using the right guaranteed by our Second Amendment to make sure that as many Americans are armed as possible, and well-trained. Jus’ sayin’ . . .

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