Cigars and Humidors–The Correct Way

On a previous segment about cigars on The Urban Shooter Podcast I shared some advice about cigars and humidors.  A more experienced brother had the following to say and corrections for me.  I really appreciate this and sharing it here.


On your segment about cigars, I found myself shaking my head yell “Nooooo!” (Visualize the slow motion video of a bald black man leaping over furniture to grab from your hand that damp and Heaven forbid overly damp cloth.) over the bad advice on seasoning a humidor. Most of the information provided was correct. However, the bit of advice that was wrong could be the most costly.


Your guest stated that you use a humidor solution to wipe down the inside of your humidor to season it. Bad advice which could lead to an expensive mistake.  Anyone who has done any work with wood knows that water and untreated wood typically do not go well together. To wipe down the inside of a humidor with a damp cloth could lead to warping. It does not mater if your humidor is $120 Savoy or a $3,000 Davidoff. Your humidor is an investment in a purposed piece of furniture.


The proper way to season a humidor is to use distilled water. Seasoning should be done prior to placing cigars in the humidor.


1. Starting with the humidification element, wet it with distilled water. Place it on a paper towel for 5-10 minutes to drain the excess water. After draining the excess water (to minimize the risk of warping), place the element in the humidor.

2. Place a shot glass or small container holding an ounce or two of distilled water inside the humidor. Close the lid and come back in 2-3 days. Give it 5 days if you are patient.

3, The interviewee just jumped from the analog hygrometer to the upsell of a digital hygrometer. What he omitted was the analog hygrometer must be calibrated. Rather than reinvent the wheel, here is a link to calibrating the hygrometer I usually do this step during the first day of step 2.

4. After your humidor is seasoned, place your precious smokes in the humidor. You want to keep the capacity of your humidor at no less than half full. This helps keep the humidity constant. Note, after you place your cigars in the humidor, the humidity will drop for a few hours. Fear not the humidity will rise back to the previous reading to when you had seasoned your humidor.


Thanks Mr. Anthony.  Hopefully, nobody ruined their cigars in the interim.  I appreciate your comments.

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