Cigar of the Week: Havana Humidor


Corona Cigar from Havana Humidor

While vacationing at Nassau, Bahamas, I discovered Havana Humidor Cigar shop at the Atlantis Resort.  It is an upscale shop that features its own blend of Nicaraguan leaves.  I got a chance to watch a veteran roll them old school style as is shown here.  Their home blends come in two flavors; mild to medium and full body (red and silver label).  They are not available yet in the U.S.  According to the owners, they are working on that part right now.  

I got a chance to smoke one and thought it was exactly as advertised.  They are mild and a good smoke with earthy tones.  It burned well, and does everything a good cigar should. 

This video is long on visual, without the audio.  I didn’t have a lot more to add that you don’t see here.  At the time of this vlog, their website  wasn’t that active but here is the address: 

This cigar is one that I would give as a premium gift in lieu of a “Cuban” cigar.  Hand rolled and special.  If you get a chance check one out.




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