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Romeo y Julieta

In celebration of the 300th episode I lit up a authentic Romeo y Julieta Corona cigar from Cuba.  It was a petite cigar a little larger than a cigarette.  It came in a white aluminum tube that was labeled “Hecho in Cuba.”  Romeo Y Julieta are the classic banned Cuban cigar that customs likes to take from you when coming back into the country from faraway places or even Cuba.

I smoke it while I surveyed my vast property, dodged my dogs attempt at collapsing my knees by running into as she ran around the yard at 40 miles an hour on a windy and brisk December afternoon.Romeo Y Julieta Cigar

The hand rolled beauty has a coffee with cream colored wrapper that burned with the white ash they are famous for.  It was neither smooth nor pleasant though and made me think of what smoking a newspaper might taste like.  I think a Tampa Red or a Swisher Sweet would be more enjoyable.  I think the premium stuff is still found on the island, still hand rolled between the thighs of some bronze colored bearded lady with equally hairy legs keeping in the traditions of her ancestors.

I want to thank my brother for giving me the cigar, skirting danger to bring it passed TSA and giving it to me.  You beat friends like that.




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