Episode 262 – Cherry Blossoms, Love, and Old Age

Urban Shooter Podcast

Knives, flashlights, gun shops, Cherry Blossoms in DC, and turning 50 are on Kenn Blanchard’s mind this week on the Urban Shooter Podcast. CoastPortland.com High Performance HP7 LED flashlight and the 3″ Rapid Response knife got Kenn’s seal of approval. Local northern Virginia gun shop, Nova Armament became a sponsor and Kenn shares two new commercials he made.

Thoughts about the killing of Trayvon Martin

Crazy little thing called love- Bones Hooks (queen)

Kenn is really happy that you are listening and supporting the show. He explains his desire to meet you personally on a tour. You can help with a ticket from EventBrite, located on http://blackmanwithagun.com

The show is 35 minutes long. Welcome spring! if you like the show would you share your thoughts on Twitter and GooglePlus? #kennblanchard

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Rev. Kenn Blanchard is a pro-gun media producer & marketing professional that helps small businesses by providing information, entertainment , inspiration and support to the sport shooting community through blogs, voice -over, podcasting and professional speaking. 


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