Social Media Cats

Like a cat when it sees a laser light on the floor you pounced.  You saw the shiny thing so you logged into it.  You set up an account.  You even paid for 2000 “people” to up your “likes.”  Your business is rolling, right?  Nope.  OK.  

 I will create a blog of the most prolific and mind stimulating content I can imagine.  ( insert crickets sound here)  AAARGHH! 

There is a new widget over there, that I can put on my site and access from my not too smartphone.  This has got to be it, right?  Nope.  OK.

I’ll make a YouTube video, I’ll even wear a wig and humiliate myself for the sake of science.  And what happens?  You still got fewer views than the cat in the paper bag video.  OK maybe that was unfair.  Cats have magical powers.

So what is the problem?  What is wrong with your blog or podcast?  Have you ever thought like that?  It’s not the cats fault.  What do you think it is?

Get the podcast delivered directly to your phone on the Black Man With A Gun App. It’s free and you can follow Kenn Blanchard on social media with it.

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