Black Man with a Gun final-2

Video – Race and Guns

Sharing a pancake and a cup of coffee with my friend Dr. Z as we talk about guns, race and the stuff that separates us in America. I tell of the story of when I was awarded a Carter/Harlan award for civil rights at the NRA.


Hank Strange Interviews Kenn Blanchard

On April 25, 2014, I got the opportunity to meet the Hank Strange duo at the Lone Wolf Dist trailer at the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis. Lola video and Hank interviewed me. I love these two.

black gun owners in social media


Once upon a time, I was alone on the internet. It wasn’t that long ago. When I created the “Black Man With A Gun” persona it was provocative, it was controversial, it was cute. The name threatened the status quo. When my website came up in 2000, I was ahead of all the gun rights…

Dr. Ana M. Anzola of Ascent Audiology

Hearing Protection

I was told that when you turn 50 years old you should get your colon checked.  I just found out that you should also get your hearing checked.  Given the choice of procedures, I went for the ears.  Plus, I don’t know what they are checking for in my colon.  It is still there. I…