One Million Downloads

1mil downloads

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On August 24, 2013, the Black Man With A Gun Podcast, reached the milestone of being downloaded 1,000,000 times.  

What has been truly exciting about the podcast is the people that I have met and now call friends because of it.

I have podcasters, bloggers, hunters, safari guides, entrepreneurs and politicians that I can call friends.

I created the show to be more cost effective than trying to find a place to speak publicly.  it was more economical to share a joke, encourage a friend and tell a story from my basement than anywhere else.


1mil downloads

The podcast started in December 2007 and was called Black Man With A Gun Live, for a few episodes. Then it was renamed The Urban Shooter Podcast where the host, Kenn Blanchard tried a number of things to distinguish it from the growing number of gun related podcast like and with a originally narrated story called Zombie Strike, comedians, and political commentary.

In July 2013, it was rebranded, the Black Man With A Gun Show. It is a pro-gun variety show that provides interviews of newsmakers, product reviews, commentary, humor, the music of America and inspiration for people in the firearms community. Its not just a gun podcast. He shares men’s issues, cigar reviews and news like no one else.  The show is available to help friends and patriots.   It has the point of view of a eclectic, former US Marine, firearms trainer, former law enforcement officer, and Christian minister that has been a gun activist since 1991, who has worked with just about everybody in the gun community.

As the Show matures, the host seeks to make it more entertaining, more inspirational and available on multiple networks and channels.

Thank you for making this possible. 


Rev. Kenn Blanchard, internet radio broadcaster, online advertiser, veteran, concealed carry activist and harley davidson motorcycle enthusiast shares whats on the minds of hunters and concealed carry permit holders.



Zombies: The Niche That Won’t Stay Dead

Zombie Strike ebook-cover

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Three years ago (about this time) at the end of the summer, I told a story on my podcast that gave birth to a two year cliffhanger series called, “Zombie Strike.” The theme of that episode was based on the backyard tradition of grilling hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner. To spice up this story I added sound effects and asked in a dream sequence kind of way; “what would happen now if zombies invaded my cookout? I had a good time with it.

As I stood in backyard flipping burgers in the sun, I imagined a horde of the undead rushing my warped and picket fence until it fell. The onslaught left me no recourse but to retreat to my home defense shotgun (stand your ground) that I kept nearby.  I  placed well-aimed headshots at the undead until the ammo ran out.

One of my now good friends was a fantasy writer that took the characters from my tale and really went wild with it. He wrote “Zombie Strike: Doomsday.”  What was even better, every week he gave me a chapter to read on my gun podcast.  The chapters ranged from 15-20 minutes in length. Each one gave me the opportunity to practice narration and later try to do the character voices (though my British, sounds South African).  I stretched.

Zombie Gun Cleaning Kit This was before the AMC series; “Walking Dead” became a favorite of many. It was also right before the firearms industry started making everything for the zombie apocalypse ranging from lime green colored boxed ammo with hazardous material markings or the CDC put out what to do if the zombies attacked. For a while I was riding the wave.

I even got the attention of Hollywood about it.  They asked for the audio to review but nothing came of it. When “Walking Dead” came out, I thought I had been ripped off but the stories are not even close.  (I had my ten minutes of fame in my head though.)

There was a problem though.

I had a gun podcast.  The zombie thing wasn’t popular with everyone in this community.  It was early on when everybody that podcasted about guns were either into the latest hardware, gun rights activism or training.   I was already had a niche by not doing what everybody else did.  The zombie thing narrowed my group —way down.  Those that loved the story were fanatical.  The rest wanted to kill the story like they would a zombie if they could.

To fix that, I created a separate podcast just for Zombie Strike and kept it going until a little after the story ended with episode 200, two years later. Finances were tight so I didn’t think I could afford to keep paying to host a show I had no new episodes for. In hindsight, that was dumb. I should have kept it going.  I found out that there were some listeners to my gun podcast that found me because of the ads I did on the zombie show for the other.

zombie_avatar2The author now puts the episodes on his blog, and has kept the undead story alive.

Zombie Strike was a niche inside the gun community, that I accidently stumbled across. I used it to market my “pro-gun variety show” with success.  I created posters and targets with zombies on it, which I sold to finance the podcast and distinguish myself from the other podcasters.

Zombie Target snapshot

That niche helped grow my show from just being another podcast from a guy about guns to a variety show.  It also gave me the confidence to experiment with comedy, interviewing, and singing.

A niche is a narrowly focused segment of a larger market. When the firearms industry fell in love with zombies, everybody went overboard. There are color targets now of zombies, dogs and hogs. There are bleeding 3-D zombie targets with faces that are supposed to look like soldiers, terrorist and ex-girlfriends.  My stuff predated most of those.

I was glad I discovered the zombie niche in my community. It was an accident that I learned from. I found out that a niche could be too small and still be a beautiful thing. It is totally up to you to kill it if it doesn’t serve you well. If it’s a zombie, it won’t die but you can still learn from it.

…if it doesn’t eat your brains first.

You can get a hard back version on Lulu.  and a Kindle version on Amazon.

Zombie Strike Book/ PDF

Zombie Strike Amazon / Kindle


If you want to learn more about blogging and podcasting, make plans to join me January 4-6, 2014 at the New Media Expo .  If zombies show up, I got you covered.——————————————-

Rev. Kenn Blanchard, internet radio broadcaster, online advertiser, veteran, concealed carry activist and harley davidson motorcycle enthusiast shares whats on the minds of hunters and concealed carry permit holders.



331 You Can’t Polish A Turd

Heart & Soul photo

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We survived another week. Over all it was a good week. I realized that now was a good time to get busy living. I have methodically added some features to my website to get me found by people that may not know that I can help them promote their business and causes.  I connected with a major radio station and have the opportunity to host my own show on a local station here in Washington, DC. I had forgotten how much of a dream that was. Some take it for granted but my podcast was more to me than just a hobby. Now I plan to continue developing this concept to make it a show that competes with the “big boys” in the space by giving more people what is missing, “heart and soul.”

The New Black Man With A Gun Heart and Soul Show, episode 331.


Where does the “Heart & Soul” thing come from? Looking back over my professional life as an gun rights activist. I saw how I have grown to care less about hardware and more about the people in the gun community. I counsel, and listen to a lot of people during the week in more ways than just what firearm should I buy. I got to the heart of the matter and have actually become the “pastor of patriots and pistoleros.”   And so, I care  less about being just “black” in this space but giving out more “soul.”

I really care about the people that listen to my show, comment on my facebook page and have become close to me over the past six years. It’s your face I defend when I am talking on air with talk show host that talk carelessly about my friends. I love the men and women in the gun community. We are unique in the world but truly American.

We hold these truths to be self-evident. 

We really do.

I am working on a new intro and outro for the show, and trying to find out what would be the best features for a new one-hour radio show. If you have suggestions, I would love to hear/read them. If you have been listening to the Urban Shooter Podcast awhile you know my range. What should stay and what should go.


I spoke to two entrepreneurs that inspired me this week to persist. I feature one on this weeks show. One is a young comedian that has a hustle, you wouldn’t believe. He is undeterred. Thank God his enthusiasm was contagious. I was supposed to have him on the show but have technical difficulties.  Ramzy Sweis.

The other is a long time friend I have been following for technical advice as a podcaster. He is a humble guy that I glean a lot from. This was the first time I had him on the show in this detail and I hope it helps him too. Dave Jackson runs the School of Podcasting and is a super great guy. I love this guy. He helps people before he charges them money. In fact, he is so helpful; he probably should be charging more money to offset his generosity. I’d seek him out over ANYONE online today first because if he didn’t know, he’d tell you but still try to find out and help you.
School of Podcasting Dave Jackson David Jackson, School of

Out of necessity, I commented on the Zimmerman case but it is probably not what you expected. Let me know what you think. To me it is the equivalent of “polishing a turd.” That was one of the colloquialisms I remembered from one of my US Marine Drill Instructors, about no win situations.  Don’t Feed the Animal.

Bones Hooks:  Put Your Light On. a la Santana and Everest

After my NPR interview with Michel Martin, (center) I got a chance to interview Joshua DuBois, at the NPR studio.  Rev. DuBois writes for Newsweek and the Daily Beast.Kenn Michel Martin Joshua DuBois at NPR

And for my “cool daddies,” I have the Cigar of The Week:  The best cigar I have ever smoked.

6" Dominican Crop Corona


Hope you like this week show.  I hope you can help me with the changes to make this project succeed on the radio.  I want those that smoke cigars to try this one out.  And please be careful out here in a time of confusion where people are trying to stir up trouble for attention and personal gain, fear and uncertainty.

Shout outs Michael Hast of Michaels Custom Holsters.  and Alex Haddox of the Personal Defense Podcast.  Michael really hooked me up with a custom holster for my sidearm with a tac light/laser combo. More on that to come.


Thank you.




Rev. Kenn Blanchard, internet radio broadcaster, online advertiser, veteran, concealed carry activist and harley davidson motorcycle enthusiast shares whats on the minds of hunters and concealed carry permit holders.



Best Cigar I Have Ever Had

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Cigar of the Week

I know that is a big statement. Ok, cigar aficionados, as promised last week, I want to tell you about the best cigar I have ever smoked to date. It caught me by surprise. I was just doing as I always do, randomly picking a cigar based on price, look and aroma –sometimes an expensive one, sometimes not. I try to pick something I think I would like, now that I am learning my taste and leanings.

I was in Cigar Town in Reston Town Center briefly and bought a house brand out of the bin to the left of the front door. it is called a House Blend Double Magnum Oscuro. The guy there said it was their top seller and could only be found there. It is a Dominican cigar, hand rolled with a pig tail at the end. it only cost $7.50. It has no label on it. It was almost black, i.e. maduro. labeled as a medium to full bodied cigar.

It was as smooth as the coffee I was pairing it with. It is the color of black coffee.

I really want you to try this thing. If you want me to send you one or two let me know, I’ll just go up there buy it and put it in a USPS box. I can send it wherever its legal to do so. You just have to pay a brother ’cause I ain’t got it like that. I expect for $15 for one or plus $7.5 + tax for how many fit in the box. Let me know. Maybe you can get them from the website. If you go there yourself, or call, tell them you heard it from Kenn Blanchard, the black man with a gun, they don’t who I am but they might remember that last part. I want to see if they notice when I go back if you do.


House Blend Double Magnum Oscuro Sweet mellow tobacco blended with mild pepper and spice finish, Filler Criolio 98, corojo, habano Dom Binder Criolio 98 wrapper oscuro Dominican Republic, Medium Full Bodied $7.50

Cigar Town
Reston Town Center
11903 Democracy Drive
Reston, VA 20191

episode 331 of the Black Man With A Gun Podcast——————————————-

Rev. Kenn Blanchard, internet radio broadcaster, online advertiser, veteran, concealed carry activist and harley davidson motorcycle enthusiast shares whats on the minds of hunters and concealed carry permit holders.



Don’t Feed The Animal

don't feed hate

July 19, 2013 | Posted in Faith, Freedom, News, Politics, Urban Shooter Podcast | By

Trayvon Martin/ George Zimmerman

The animal of hate is alive. The animal of hate has been fed and it is growing. The animal of hate grows from fear and mistrust. It was thrown a big bone with meat on it from the Zimmerman acquittal. I have received many emails and request to speak about Trayvon Martin’s death. I was on Cam & Co.’s NRA News show earlier and just got back from being in studio with NPR with Michel McQueen Martins show, “Tell Me More.” I don’t think I said what she expected. She asked a person of faith did I preach on it and I said no. I don’t do commentary in the pulpit. I am a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Here is my take on this whole cabal.

Second-degree murder is defined as a killing carried out with hatred, ill will or spite, but is not premeditated. To convict Zimmerman of manslaughter, jurors would have had to believe he “intentionally committed an act or acts that caused the death of Trayvon Martin.” The prosecution didn’t prove it. That is just our system of justice. It doesn’t have to make sense, that is just how it is.

An immature man killed another he had racially profiled and then got into a fight with. Using everything he could and knew he got out of going to jail for second-degree murder or manslaughter. Every black and Hispanic mother that has lost a child to violence, gangs and whatever since Emmitt Till is feeling this loss. Black America that isn’t a part of the gun community sees this as an open season on black people. To them, Michael Vicks dogs were of more value in this society than the life of a black male. Others are trying their best to tie the NRA, gun owners and Castle doctrine with this tragedy for their own benefit. Some are just racist using the opportunity to fan the flame.

Race is very much at the heart of every argument concerning this case. Why, because it is easy. Why because it never died. It is an animal. It gives the Sharptons/Jacksons, NAACP types a platform. The gun grabbers have successfully connected the tragedy of the Zimmerman/ Martin shooting with gun control in many of the minds of the city. Now gun owners have to or think they have to defend their right to self-defense, and try not be branded a racist for it. Black gun owners are caught in the middle because people they know are saying crazy stuff in response to pain, fear and social media. The uninitiated in the black community, because of entertainers and personalities are banding together to boycott Florida, as if self-defense does not apply to all people. Some are blaming the “Stand Your Ground law, which is as old as Rome. That basically means you have the right to defend yourself in your castle/home.  Zimmerman used that thing like a “hail Mary” pass.  It didn’t even score but it got your attention and folks are dwelling on it.  

All creatures on earth will defend themselves if threatened. It’s not about that.   Black people that think that we should still allow someone else to protect you are  living with a slave like mentality. Our government is not capable and is unwilling to save us. Want proof?Young men are dying daily in Chicago. We have moral issues. We have community issues. It is just too convenient to blame someone else. It ain’t about Zimmerman. We have been strategically placed in a pit. It is not a valid fight. Every opportunistic politician and ambulance chasing race baiter is using this to breathe life into his or her campaign for their personal interest. Others are feeding the fears and teaching racism to a new generation.

In America, if you have a good lawyer you can get away with just about anything. Right and wrong are not decided in a court room.

We need to step back, turn off the hate mongers, and dividers. Where am I on this?  I am with the people confused and angry, fearful and lashing out.  I am trying to help heal the hurt by sharing the message that this isn’t the end.  This isn’t new.  Your enemy is not each other but a monster thought dead or sleeping called racism.  Don’t let it make you think it is not there.

If you can’t increase the peace don’t add to the noise. And speaking of piece; keep yours close and watch your back.

hate from


more on episode 331 of the Black Man With A Gun’s Heart and Soul  Podcast.



Rev. Kenn Blanchard, internet radio broadcaster, online advertiser, veteran, concealed carry activist and harley davidson motorcycle enthusiast shares whats on the minds of hunters and concealed carry permit holders.