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Podcast 437 – Fire Plans

Do you have a fire plan? Episode 437 Black Man With A Gun Podcast. You are a law abiding gun owner. You are a responsible adult. You spend money and time to learn how to safely operate your firearm in case of an emergency, and for recreation. This week you will also be compared with…

indoor range

Range of Emotions

David Ridgway of Maryland Firearms Training Academy Range
Shout outs and encouragement to all the listeners, supporters and family of the show.
Lenessa Terry premiers with an update about BlanchardOutdoors.com
Kenn explains that his work is done in the lone black man with a gun realm.
ABArms.com is a new sponsor of BlanchardOutdoors.com
Bones Hooks covers (who do you love- George Thorogood)Wishing you a great week and a Happy Valentines Day. Love Ya!