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One Million Downloads

1mil downloads blackmanwithagun.com

On August 24, 2013, the Black Man With A Gun Podcast, reached the milestone of being downloaded 1,000,000 times.   What has been truly exciting about the podcast is the people that I have met and now call friends because…


331 You Can’t Polish A Turd

Heart & Soul photo

We survived another week. Over all it was a good week. I realized that now was a good time to get busy living. I have methodically added some features to my website to get me found by people that may…


Best Cigar I Have Ever Had

Cigar of the Week I know that is a big statement. Ok, cigar aficionados, as promised last week, I want to tell you about the best cigar I have ever smoked to date. It caught me by surprise. I was…


Don’t Feed The Animal

don't feed hate

Trayvon Martin/ George Zimmerman The animal of hate is alive. The animal of hate has been fed and it is growing. The animal of hate grows from fear and mistrust. It was thrown a big bone with meat on it…