A Wake Up for Fudds

What’s a Fudd? A “Fudd” is a gun owner who only owns hunting guns, and believes that by sacrificing the more “tactical” style of firearms to gun control, their deer rifles and duck guns will be left alone.  If this describes you, I’d just like to ask: Do you people watch the news? Are you…


Every Marine a Rifleman

They say that every Marine is a rifleman.  Except…apparently…on Marine bases and in Marine offices.  In the 36 hours or so since a jihadi murderer shot four unarmed Marines to death in Chattanooga, Tennessee, my TV has been filled with politicians and TV talking heads putting on sad faces while expressing “sadness” and “heartbreak.”  …


Take the “Gun Free Zone” Challenge!

So you believe in “gun free zones”? You believe that children are made safer by signs like this on their school building?  That banning guns make a workplace less susceptible to violent crime?                 If so, I have a challenge for you. The ice bucket challenge?  That was…

Charleston Shooting (5)


So much has been written about the Charleston murders over the last week I’m not sure that I can add anything of value…but here goes.  I will not print the murderer’s name here.     I think that if there is any one thing to take away from this incident, in terms of gun rights,…



“Nobody who’s got your best interest at heart would ever demand that you be helpless.” – Joel Let me say it again:  There is no such thing as a “gun free zone.”  They are only gun free until the wolf comes calling, and then they’re not anymore.  Signs do not stop bullets.  Neither do “no…