A Good First Step…

In political parlance, the term “loophole” simply indicates a purpose designed feature of a law which an opponent doesn’t like.  Such is the case with the legendary “gun show loophole,” which is a favored boogeyman of gun control cultists.  They can’t abide citizens selling personal property without the government’s involvement, so they introduce ridiculous legislation…


Barney Proof

I really wasn’t going to say anything about the recent article by Bob Owens, in which he opines that the Glock pistol is unsafe for police use.  I really wasn’t.  But I can’t help myself, and my feelings on the article are summed up right here:   Go read it for yourself, but the gist…

Parent and student reunite after Washington school shooting. Image: King 5 News

Fortuitous Outcomes

“Fortuitous outcomes reinforce poor tactics.” That’s an old saw in the police and self-defense training business, and it simply means that just because you won, it doesn’t mean that you did it right. Maybe you just got lucky. I think we got lucky today. According to Bob Owens at Bearing Arms, we have a new…

9mm ammo

Round in the Chamber?

How many of you conceal carry a semi-automatic handgun, or have friends or family members that do? After knowing this, have you ever wondered their stand point of why they carry, or the amount of training they had with the firearm? Now a question with a twist; how many of you keep a round in…

The gathering begins.

Home Again

Another NRA Annual Meeting is in the bag, and it’s time to collect some thoughts and memories from the big show in Nashville.                 I haven’t seen any official attendance figures yet, but prior to the show the NRA was projecting about 70,000 members and their families would…