Politics, Yuck [Podcast 496]

This last two years of campaigning uncovered and profited from America’s fears. You have to recognize when you are being played a little better. Folks have been pandering to the “so-called” minorities since the term “carpetbagger” was popular. In this gun community it is divisive and it shouldn’t be. We are on the same side.

Lessons I learned from the Millennial Generation [Podcast 491]

In this episode of the Black Man With A Gun Show, I will share some lessons I learned from the Millennial Generation. I give the mic to my friends first with
Ray Price from High Capacity Magazine and he interviews the owners of ammosquared.com
Michael J. Woodland from M-WTactical.com talks about competition shooting in his tips segment
I talk a little about GRPC 2016 (gun rights policy conference)
and I am going to explain how things go viral so you can get your stuff shared.