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Armed Citizen Story: Burglar Shot in Little Rock

Burglary suspect shot by homeowner in Little Rock identified BY KATV FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19TH 2016 According to the police report obtained by Channel 7 News in Little Rock, Arkansas, a man saw someone suspicious and heard glass breaking at his neighbor’s home. He told his neighbor someone may have...
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Update on 1 New Jersey Case

I shared this with you earlier but there is good news, a prosecutor in New Jersey has dropped a felony gun charge against a Pennsylvania corrections officer, noting that officers only learned that the guard had a gun in his car because he was the victim of a drunken driving crash.
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Two Armed Citizens Stories For You To Check Out

Memphis Woman Shoots Man Trying To Kick In Her Door In Memphis, Tennessee, a man is in the hospital after police said he tried breaking into a woman’s Highland Heights home, and she shot him. According to a neighborhood teen, the couple were in and out of a...
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Shoot Don’t Shoot

Colorado homeowner was tied up, robbed at gunpoint, escapes, retrieves his gun and chases the suspect and now may face charges for killing him. Here's why.
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Armed Barbers Say Not Here

Last week, in a barbershop in South Carolina, two such men walked into a barbershop with the intention of robbing all in this cash rich business. They were met with opposition. Two of the barbers were legally armed and refused to be victims.
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Armed Clerk Stops Robbery

With the loss of hope, and ignorance in our society today, the abundance of criminal activity prompts many of us to consider carrying a gun for the first time. I surround myself with those that have always carried. We hear of the foolishness, the crime, and threat of...
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