Police War-Everyone’s Battle

Are we in a state of war? Every situation currently being presented to the public is a mass of us vs. them, racial hatred and outright confusion. Who’s the one having war brought upon them? When you consider some of the contributing factors to what might be causing the chain of events we now see…


Patriot or Faith

  Where do your loyalties lie when it comes down to defining the answer between patriotism and your faith/religious beliefs and or responsibilities? The driving force for one man can be the crumbling factor for another. I am a man with a deeply rooted faith in God that I consider unshakable. I believe this is…

me and the dog

Patriot Gets Denied A Service Dog

This summer, a friend of mine, a web designer, and member of the church tried his hand at crowd funding per my suggestion. I thought it would be a slam-dunk, and a no-brainer for all the people that like helping strangers in need. He of course is not a public person but I encouraged him…


What Are They Pulling?

Its 2:40a.m.. You’re in la la land counting sheep. Does anyone do that anymore? Of course not, this is suburban America in a sleepy neighborhood. You’re counting how many overtime hours you need to buy that sweet new ride you were eyeing the other day. Blam! A boot crashes your bedroom door down. Flash bangs…

swab its

Testers Wanted

Testers of a new product are wanted. Swab-Its® by Super Brush LLC – Needs 300 – 400 Product Testers for new product development testing for their .50cal Bore-tips   We’re Super Brush LLC – the folks who bring you the reusable and washable foam swab caliber-specific Bore-tips®, our new pull-through Bore-whips™ for cleaning bores and the non-caliber specific Gun-tips™ for cleaning nooks and…