What Are They Pulling?

Its 2:40a.m.. You’re in la la land counting sheep. Does anyone do that anymore? Of course not, this is suburban America in a sleepy neighborhood. You’re counting how many overtime hours you need to buy that sweet new ride you were eyeing the other day. Blam! A boot crashes your bedroom door down. Flash bangs…

swab its

Testers Wanted

Testers of a new product are wanted. Swab-Its® by Super Brush LLC – Needs 300 – 400 Product Testers for new product development testing for their .50cal Bore-tips   We’re Super Brush LLC – the folks who bring you the reusable and washable foam swab caliber-specific Bore-tips®, our new pull-through Bore-whips™ for cleaning bores and the non-caliber specific Gun-tips™ for cleaning nooks and…


Escape The Matrix

The wind blows, the sun beams and the moon reflects its light on us all. It’s the same as it’s always been yet, in my life time; I’ve been part of a generation that has witnessed historical changes affecting us all. From 9/11, Benghazi to the IRS and the NDAA nothing is what it seems.…

9mm ammo

Round in the Chamber?

How many of you conceal carry a semi-automatic handgun, or have friends or family members that do? After knowing this, have you ever wondered their stand point of why they carry, or the amount of training they had with the firearm? Now a question with a twist; how many of you keep a round in…


Why the BATFE Didn’t Outlaw Your Ammunition This Week

The ATF said the most popular rifle cartridge at use in the US was illegal. Yes, that was a huge power grab by the Obama administration. That new claim required the ATF to reinterpret its long standing rules. And why not. There is no one to stop Obama if he pressed forward with an illegal…