9mm ammo

Round in the Chamber?

How many of you conceal carry a semi-automatic handgun, or have friends or family members that do? After knowing this, have you ever wondered their stand point of why they carry, or the amount of training they had with the firearm? Now a question with a twist; how many of you keep a round in…


Why the BATFE Didn’t Outlaw Your Ammunition This Week

The ATF said the most popular rifle cartridge at use in the US was illegal. Yes, that was a huge power grab by the Obama administration. That new claim required the ATF to reinterpret its long standing rules. And why not. There is no one to stop Obama if he pressed forward with an illegal…

bipod accutac

Accu-Tac Bipod

A positive look at a new product from Accu-Tac. This is a bipod like no other. I really like it. It not only looks good but it works well too. If you are looking for a bipod, I recommend the Accu-Tac SR 5, over some of the cheesy looking ones with the long springs and knobs that pinch your fingers and grab lint and cloth from unknown places. Accu-Tac as a company is relatively new but the customer service was great.

21st Century Gunfighter

Catalyst MOD 1 Magazine Release Extender

For those of you who follow my feeds on Facebook and google+, you know there is a big event called the Alabama Sectionals that I will be participating in. For the past year of shooting within the USPSA, there have been a few lessons I have learned from the rules of the sport, as well…