VTAC and MJ Woodland

Gun Review: S&W VTAC handgun

I did not want to put this gun down even after running out of bullets. My intent was to practice on a few drills to prepare for a upcoming shooting match this weekend, but my attention was side tracked by the performance of the M&P VTAC 9mm. One thing that will happen is this firearm will be used in future competition matches after I feel my level of comfort has magnified with this piece of working art. I am surprised the military and law enforcement are not jumping on with Smith & Wesson for the side arm of choice for Soldiers and duty officers.


The Ten Commandments of Hunting Safety

It is really easy to forget things that are common sense. You know that “common sense is not as common as it used to be.” Here are ten points to remember as you start your season of enjoyment with nature, harvesting and tracking game. I call it the Ten Commandments of Hunting. Enjoy. If you have more to add, please share in the reply.

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From Maryland Shall Issue about the DC Ruling

On Saturday July 26, the United States District Court for the District of Columbia has ruled in Palmer vs DC, that DC’s registration of handguns to persons, residents and non-residents alike, for carry outside the home was unconstitutional. It also held that DC could not enforce DC. Code 22-4504(a) to the extent it barred persons,…