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Podcast 437 – Fire Plans

Do you have a fire plan? Episode 437 Black Man With A Gun Podcast. You are a law abiding gun owner. You are a responsible adult. You spend money and time to learn how to safely operate your firearm in case of an emergency, and for recreation. This week you will also be compared with…


Podcast 434 – Just Because You Can

Happy Independence Day July is finally here and on the East Coast it has been a wet one. In this episode Rob Morse shares this weeks topical news, and I share a article from GunsAmerica.com about the National Firearms Act (NFA). Revolvers are still cool and I give you background on the one that I…

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Should We Arm Pastors?

In this episode I just recap how I became known as the Black Man With A Gun from 1986 to now. I give a recommendation for a great source of information about the myth of Christian pacifism, a reminder to keep it real and many thanks for supporting me all these years. Because of the…


When Good Men Do Nothing

Podcast Episode 432:   We live in a time when some folks think everything you can do legally is right is good and it is not. There is right and wrong still. We live in a time when killing people is entertainment you buy for your video consoles. We play at it virtually through playstation…