The Next Generation

NSSF shooters

Kenn explains the evolution of a new shooter coming from the black community and maybe why things are as they are. He talks about DC and concealed carry. This is truly for the cool people in the gun community.


Gun Podcast 391

2014-09-14 22.42.07

This week I took a chance a got my old man van out and onto the highway. I had a good ride to Amish country. I went to see some friends I had met back in June that own and…



WTS-Sevigny Competition Sight Picture

You use them all the time when you shoot but probably didn’t give it much thought unless you were thinking of customizing your handgun. I am talking about sights. Back in the day there were just two kinds, fixed and…


390 – Black Man With A Gun Podcast


This week on the Black Man With A Gun podcast I introduce to some and remind others the importance of Operational Security. Today we observe Patriot Day and remember the sacrifices of our nation on 9.11.01. I also introduce the concept of thinking practically and tactically in your firearms choice if you live in or near a city. And I kept the show short but Bones Hooks gave you a cover of a old tune from Johnny Cash that would go great with a military formation run to the beach.


388 – Remember September


Do We Even Know Why We Do What We Do?

We’ve been reacting for so long, many have forgotten the nexus for why we train, prep, store and worry. It wasn’t always like this. It has been a growing trend since 1999. The fear of Y2K shutting down all electronics as we knew it then was big. The artist again known as Prince foresaw it in the 80’s with a song called 1999. It was one of the first in a series of apocalyptic themes during my generation. It is not new. It followed the fear of the H-Bomb, the atomic bomb, and WWIII. It has inspired many cult classics. But in the past 15 years we have been driven, manipulated, and had our emotional buttons pushed by terrorism.