Can I Buy A Gun

Times are tough and maybe you are considering buying a firearm for the first time. You may have just realized that all the hyperbole about guns has been to keep you from being a lawful owner. Gun ownership is highly regulated and politically sensitive.

If you can answer yes to any of these (10) ten conditions then you cannot buy a firearm.

  1. Are you buying the gun for someone else?
  2. Do you have any criminal record?
  3. Do you have any pending court cases?
  4. Do you have unpaid fines or judgments?
  5. Is your military discharge less than honorable?
  6. Are you illegally in the USA?
  7. Are you an unlawful user of drugs or alcohol?
  8. Are you mentally defective or been committed?
  9. Are you less than 21 years of age (handgun) or 18 years of age (long gun)?
  10. Do you have a peace order or restraining order?


The good news then is if none of these apply to you there is a good chance you are able to legally purchase a firearm in your state of residence. In Maryland or Washington, DC, we have regulations on our regulations but here is what is required.

  • Handgun must be listed as legal for MD purchase
  • Handgun Qualification License (HQL)
  • Training, 4 hour class
  • Fingerprinting LIVESCAN
  • Application (77R)
  • Various fees apply
  • Long gun must be legal for MD purchase
  • Fast, usually transfers same day
  • No additional fees



  • Handgun must be listed as legal for DC purchase
  • Registration thru CS Exchange, at MPD HQ
  • Training video online at
  • Fingerprinting is done at MPD HQ
  • Multiple choice test
  • Transfer occurs at CS EXCHANGE
  • Various fees apply
  • Long gun must be legal for DC purchase
  • Registration form
  • Training video online at
  • Fingerprinting
  • Multiple choice test
  • Transfer occurs at a FFL of your choice in MD
  • Various fees apply


Disclaimer: This is not legal advice and basically what I know as of 5/30/2015. Check the laws and rules in your area to be sure. Kenn Blanchard


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