Book Review: Surviving A Mass Killer Rampage

I’ve never done a book review before, but when author Chris Bird asked me to take a look at his latest offering, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity.* It turns out that I made the right call.




Surviving A Mass Killer Rampage: When Seconds Count, Police Are Still Minutes Away is a comprehensive look at the phenomenon of the armed mass killer. The first few chapters are dedicated to a historic look at the evolution of not just the crime, but of the police and civilian response to it.

There is also a great deal of material documenting some contemporary efforts to combat the armed mass killer, including insights into Ohio’s FASTER program, and the Texas-based ALICE system. The book concludes with chapters outlining the emerging threat associated with terrorism, and a chapter describing the concept of the “irregular first responder” to a mass killing…which is me and you.

Of course, the ultimate lessons offered reinforce themes I have written about here before:

  • While police tactics continue to evolve and improve, the mass killer scenario is a race against time.
  • No one will arrive at the scene of the emergency faster than the citizens involved.
  • Properly trained and equipped “irregular first responders” can save lives.
  • Gun free zones only serve to disarm irregular first responders, and empower mass killers.

Well researched and written, Surviving A Mass Killer Rampage is an important read for those of us concerned with the subject of personal safety, and who believe that we have a role to play in our rescue. Read the book.

— Dave Cole

*I was provided a complimentary copy of the book for review.

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