Black Man With A Gun: Reloaded

This book contains the inside story of the African American activist, former CIA firearms instructor and Christian minster known as the Black Man With A Gun™.

This book has elements of my life that when read made my mother wince.  She told me this recently.  She didn’t believe I put so much of myself into it.  She confirmed some of the back story and didn’t think I remembered some of it.  I took it as confirmation that this book is honest, and a part of my life as a firearms instructor, government

I hope I make you laugh, shake and scratch your head as you discover my personal story unfold as I take you on my journey of discovery.  I’ll be sharing  American history, like the origins of gun control and points rarely discussed outside the gun community.



In this new book, published by White Feather Press, “Black Man With A Gun: Reloaded,” you will learn of the struggle and successes of a gun rights activist and a patriot known as the Black Man With A Gun. You will read how he has helped inform people from all walks of life, do it with finesse and fight for the rights of all Americans in all types of media, over the past two decades and the struggles he has overcome to do so. This book is part memoir and part evangelical tool you can use to share with others to see another part of America that is often not given credit or mentioned relating to the gun community. He shares some of his personal history, lessons he has learned as a father, husband, Christian minister and trainer in Kenn’s unmistakable conversational tone of truth and love for his country and the people in this community.

This book will help open doors for instructors and activist. It will help start conversations with people outside of the pro-rights community. It is complete with an appendix of useful terminology.

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