Believe it or not, black women own guns.

As a rule, the gun owning women of color don’t taut that element of their lives. Black women shoot, hunt, compete, and collect guns like everybody else but don’t disclose it publically. The saviors of black America have had to do so without publicity, fanfare or much support from anyone.

There are established cultural protections that they don’t tell anyone.  We live in a warped society.  They don’t share that information based on experience, or the need to protect their identities because of employment. And for others its self preservation.

According to the article by Lynne Finch of Gun Rights Magazine,

Women are a rapidly growing market for firearms and firearms training. Women generally fall into one of two categories, nervous or ready to jump in. Ready to jump in ladies can start just about anywhere. The nervous women thrive in a more supportive and relaxed introductory environment. This has led to a boom in Women Only training classes. Now, through evolution, women’s training has found a new outlet.

I just realized that just about all the women, black, white or brown, I befriend are gun owners. For most of them it is not their primary concern. What I mean by that is that they are not championing the right to keep and bear arms like I do but they participate in the community in some form of fashion.

You’d find many black women that shoot in law enforcement, or civil service, that were former military and that have spouses involved in the shooting sports like the couple in the photo. There is something special about a couple that shoots.

Some women are even retired and compete nationally with their .38 Supers’, like Aurita Clements does..

Believe it or not, black women own, shoot competitively and for fun too.


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2 thoughts on “Black Women & Guns”

  1. Mr. Blanchard:

    This is Gerald Barker Vice President and Web designer of the Dorie Miller Rifle and Pistol Club Inc. We read your works and view you videos up here in Buffalo NY. You are a great inspiration to our club. At present, I am looking for Videos and literature on Black women at shooting ranges and any literature pertaining to. We have a few female members but we are always looking for more. If you have any info for us it would be greatly appreciated. We are also looking at you possibly coming and speaking before our club. Seeing the work you do on your end inspires us to do work on our end. Love and Peace my bro…

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